GameSpy: Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution DS Preview

GameSpy writes: "We were very impressed with the latest iteration of Civilization Revolution on the 360 and PS3, but the 2D approach on the DS feels surprisingly more like the classic Civilization experience. Most of this is due to the look of the game, which is predominantly two-dimensional sprites just like in the first PC game. Yet the slightly retro cosmetics belie a core of solid gameplay. At its heart, Civilization Revolution is every bit the lauded "just one more turn" drug that the PC versions ever were.

As in past Civ games, the world is made up of a giant grid that mimics the layout of a map of the world (although the continents and oceans are variable, so it usually doesn't resemble our Earth at all). It's up to you to found cities, build them up by constructing different kinds of structures, and train military units to defend your borders."

-Classic addictive gameplay
-Decent stylus support
-Plenty of scenarios

-Rival civilizations are inherently warlike and aggressive, limiting strategies for victory.

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