10 Essential Tips All New FIFA15 Players Need to Know

This year FIFA has made a huge push for a brand new market with converting new fans to the series their main goal. Aided by the price cuts to next gen consoles and the fact that the American market has finally fallen in love with football after a spellbinding World Cup, FIFA is now looking to dominate worldwide and have made a more in depth game filled with stats, tactics and options than ever before.

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GaryLentz2134d ago

Every year, EA Sports tries to reinvent the most successful sports title in the world to varying degrees of success. The main problem lies in its core group of die-hard fans who all want different things for the series future. As EA Sports made the transition from arcade pick up and play crowd pleaser to soft-core simulation, the series struggled to appease every fan and even though FIFA 15 doesn’t get everything perfect the raft of changes from last years effort just does enough to keep lifetime fans happy, while also offering a glimpse of the picture being painted for the future.

Yi-Long2134d ago

Gameplay-wise, I much preferred last year's FIFA. The new keepers are very inconsistent, it feels more scripted than before, you can't consistently use the L-trigger anymore for volleys and such, the shooting has become way too inconsistent, and there are just small annoyances like when a player is injured during a game, you can't see what's wrong with him in the squad-menu...

Harmonious2134d ago

Exactly the basic and Essential Tips for fifa 15 newbies