Assassin's Creed Unity Graphics Parity Makes No Sense

Hardcore Gamer: Despite what Ubisoft might think, their decision to lock both versions to 900p/30fps doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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ValKilmer1569d ago

Microsoft must have paid Ubisoft a lot of dough-re-me for this move.

xHeavYx1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It does sound suspicious that MS and Ubi happen to have a DLC deal, but hey, maybe because of the negative press, they'll try to get both versions running at 1080p

ValKilmer1569d ago

Not trying to troll, but is that possible on Xbox One whilst keeping it at 30fps?

Eonjay1569d ago


Sure its possible, but the game is supposed to launch in a month and... well there really isn't much time left. I just find it odd that they are now realizing this because they seemed so confident that it would run at 1080p 60FPS for both.

LOGICWINS1569d ago

Black Flag got a 1080p patch on the PS4. I'm expecting something similar for Unity. I'll likely buy it anyways. Even at 900p, it will likely be the best iteration of AC to date.

Ubi has improved the gameplay so much by LISTENING to gamers. For that, they deserve my money regardless of whatever "deal" they have with MS.

revben1569d ago

Really? Did they not also have a deal cod ghosts, but ghost was 720p on xbox one and 1080p on ps4?

uth111569d ago

It really depends on the developer it seems. Or in some cases, like Diablo, MS said that the sub 1080p res they were going to ship in was unacceptable and MS helped them get that game to 1080p. I guess they are tired of the bad press from this issue.

I think if MS could help get this game to 1080p too they would..

shloobmm31569d ago

There are no deals. Just paranoid fan boys.

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Yetter1569d ago

has that happened for any game previously on XB1? Pretty sure it hasn't

Godmars2901569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Think the point is that MS has done such before. Not only with DLC on a regular basis, but the main reason we are where we are worrying more about graphics than anything else has been MS only insisting their systems offered the best.

Yetter1569d ago

@Godmars Sure, but DLC isn't the same as demanding resolution pariety. Phil has said on a number of occasions that 'resolution and framerate is up to the developer' And you're right Xbox may have started the DLC first trend but Sony has picked up that torch and ran with it. Its always been one month with CoD, Destiny is 6 months to a year.

Godmars2901569d ago

Yeah. Not understanding how "one did it first, but now the other does it too". That's literally the problem getting worse. Being accepted as the standard way of things.

Godmars2901569d ago

Actually it does make sense, if the primary concern is gameplay with decent enough graphics to represent them.

3rd party devs should have been doing that from the beginning if they were putting out multiplatform titles. Let 1st, 2nd as well as their own exclusive games try to prioritize what one specific console has to offer.

Disagree away.

Geekman1569d ago

No disagrees on a logical statement? Am I really on N4G?

Master-H1569d ago

Sure, yea let's all have the exact same experience regardless of the hardware capabilities of the console we own, god forbid the developers take advantage of whatever extra power one console might have over the other.

Hell, let's throw a Wii U version into the mix since it's a next gen console as well and drop all console versions resolution to 720p or sub-HD, i mean the Wii U is capable of producing "decent enough graphics" is it not? let the 1st party guys worry about the headaches of optimizing for each console.

Pretty brilliant stuff, hopefully the trend goes over to PC gaming as well, let's have every game there locked at the resolution and graphics settings the minimum card on the market can run, let the modding community do the rest and unlock the potential of each card individually.

Godmars2901569d ago

"Hell, let's throw a Wii U version into the mix since it's a next gen console as well and drop all console versions resolution to 720p or sub-HD, i mean the Wii U is capable of producing "decent enough graphics" is it not?"

If 3rd party devs are going to offer their games on the WiiU - which they aren't - then yes. Those 3rd party devs should build with the WiiU in mind and deal with the freakin, consequences. If that means less sales of their games on the PS3/PS4/360/XB1 then so be it. Everyone from merchant to consumer has to deal with that choice.

poppinslops1569d ago

You guys have no idea what you're talking about...
This goes WAY deeper than you think!

Microsoft killed JFK!

Bill Gates is a Templar!


NegativeCreep4271569d ago

Hey finally someone admits to it. LOL ;-)

gangsta_red1569d ago

Well since Assassin's Creed Black Flag was a also on Xbox 360 and PS3 could it be that this particular game didn't really push the limits of what Ubi wanted to do? Unlike this new AC game which is strictly for the next gen consoles and features a lot more on screen, co-op/multiplayer, more NPC's onscreen and god knows what else.

Hey, who knows, I'm just going to blame the parity clause and say MS paid Ubisoft for the heck of it.

starchild1569d ago

Looking at what Unity is doing from a technical standpoint it is easy to see why the game would be more demanding than AC4, even with some pretty significant optimizations. 900p is what I was predicting for the PS4 version.

The only thing I am surprised about is that the Xbox One version is also 900p. I expected a resolution similar to that found in the Xbox One version of Watch Dogs. But it might have other areas that are somewhat pared back which explain why it can match the PS4 version in resolution.

In any case, I never take these sorts of offhand remarks from developers seriously. It was one of these kinds of remarks that originally led some people to believe that the game would be 1080p/60fps, even though I knew that was next to impossible.

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wodan1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

They should have aimed for 1080p/30fps on both for a better Parity.

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