Gamekult review: Driveclub

Driveclub is not devoid of good ideas with its demanding handling, its community challenges on certain segments of the track, and its fame system. But the game is so old school in some regards (penalties, AI, no assists, no car purchases) that it sometimes feels ancient. Same for multiplayer, touted many times but far too succinct to sustain hours of play. [...] Never bad in terms of driving sensations, never amazing either, Driveclub owes its luck to the PS4's lack of excellent titles in the genre.

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Fizzler2571d ago

2014 is without a doubt the worst year for games I've ever witnessed, nothing but overhyped disappointments, delays and unnecessary remasters.

gangsta_red2571d ago

2015 should be a lot better. Right now everyone is rushing just to get content out there. It's always a slow start for these newer consoles. But once that momentum starts rolling we will start to see better games.

jhoward5852571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

You're absolutely correct...2015 should be a lot better. But last gen 1st waves of games were helluva a lot better than current Gen 1st wave of games.

gangsta_red2571d ago

Wow, 5 disagrees...ok, I guess those guys think 2015 won't get any better.

user3672722571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

There are better guys just need to look. Recent launch games like Shadow of Mordor, FH2, and NBA 2k15 have great reviews. Like any media on the entertainment industry from movies to videogame ...there is always gonna be duds and some great surprises. There are still tons of games left for 2014 and I suspect we will see some more steller ones.

MrPink20132570d ago

Sure there might be some disappointemnts but a 5 out of 10? I don't think so but there is always at least one review out there that has to try and be noticeable for hits.

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Kemosabe2571d ago

Lol why didn't you post this comment on the articles driveclub got 8s amd 9 even 7, you would choose the negative article to post your rubbish comment

Fizzler2571d ago

I couldn't find any of those articles.

Silly gameAr2571d ago

You didn't look Fizzler. You found the score you were looking for and decided to declare this a bad year for overhyped games.

badz1492570d ago

You couldn't find them? Which means that you're literally blind! No wonder you couldn't appreciate what DC offers!

Elzer2571d ago

You mean "PS4" disappointments Lmao!!!!!!!!! Xbox one is doing just fine as far as their games line up goes!


Crazyglues2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Wow a 5.... Ouch! WTF! is this game really bad or what..?

This is really disappointing.. IGN gave the game a 7.9 WTF, that's like a nice way of saying not too good.

I need to play this now and see what's going on here..
(but as of right now it's looking like the game is not that good, I hope there wrong)

||.........___||............ ||

Jughead34162571d ago

I'm playing the game right now, and there's no way this game is a 5/10. Another site gave it a 2/10. These reviews are shit. It's absolutely amazing how some of these reviews for really good games are so low. It almost seems political, or like the press is trying to stick it to certain devs. Here's my opinion. Driveclub is a very solid racing game with smooth controls, and stunning visuals. An RPG like leveling system. Very fun.

badz1492570d ago

A 5 is just flat out trolling! I've been playing for awhile now and it's a solid racing game. The graphic and attention to details are like 2nd to none, controls are tight, AI is pretty much Gran Turismo, selection of cars are great, cars sound awesome, the vistas, weather and time of day transition is mesmerizing and there are lots of events with objectives to be achieved in order to progress further. Oh did I mention the graphics? You need to see it yourself! It's simply jaw dropping! My only gripe is the problem connecting to the DC server which still persists and I hope they can fix it quickly but other than that, it's a racing game that does the job. I'm now just waiting to be able to form a club and see how the social aspect of DC panes out.

Seriously the critism it received like the one in this troll review is unjustified. Feeling 'old school'? 'Ancient'? Like what? The driving? How the hell is driving feeling old school? Is there any way of driving that is not old school that we should know about? This is like GT5 all over again but I don't want to say too much like I'm being paid to market it.

There is the free PS+ version with a little content just enough for you to see the game in its full glory and judge the gameplay on your own. If you like it enough, the upgrade price is good to. That's what I did. I don't know about other countries but I upgraded for the equivalent of $40 and got bonua cars too as early purchase bonus.

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jhoward5852571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Dang, DC scores are disappointing. what bugs me the most about DC is that it was delayed for over a year and still its turns out to be an average game. Plus, where is my free edition of DC?

My pre orders days are over....

Gamerbeyond2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

lol a blind sheep that listened to the closest voice that said "follow me"

jhoward5852571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

From the looks of things, I know DC isn't a masterpieces, and it sure as hell isn't a games that deserves a high score. So, that leaves me to believe DC is an average game based on several online reviews.

I expected so much more from DC, the year delay didn't do much for the franchise.

Gamerbeyond2571d ago

lol 3-4 3/10,5/10 make this a average game, did you ignore the the dozens of 8,9/10's im sure you did.

HiddenMission2571d ago

So I'm guessing you only buy games that reviewers say are good...I buy games that my eyes say are good. To me 100% of reviewers don't know jack s**t about how to review a game. Then you have a holes who are fanboys who hate on any title that isn't on their platform of choice...and yes 100% of reviewers are in this boat.

I just read a review for Forza 2 on Gamspot and the same reviewer did DriveClub's review thing is the reviewer is known to have it out for Sony titles. If you read both of his reviews in one he praises a feature (Forza 2) and then chastises the same feature in DriveClub. You can't pick and choose when you want to use something as a plus or a minus if it's the same exact thing.

It's because of facts like this that you should let your eyes and gaming history help you buy games and not reviewers with agendas. If you let them pick for you you'll be nothing more than a sheep who misses out on great titles and sometimes buys inferior titles.

Just some food for thought...

Kiddcarter2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Whats up with everyone asking where is the ps+ version? Are you guys new to playstation are something, when the store updates the ps+ edition will be there, so if you havent already paid for the game, you have to wait for the store to update to play the demo, same way its been for years

Jughead34162571d ago

Jhoward - play the game. If you like racers, Driveclub will satisfy. It's a great racer. I think the review system in gaming is broken. I've played games that deserve 5/10. Giving this score to Driveclub is shameful. Sometimes these reviews seem pre-determined based on how the press feel about certain devs. The sad part is, gamers like jhoward believe these articles. Not meant as an insult, but this it's true

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DeadlyOreo2571d ago

Is this even a reputable reviewer?

Fireseed2571d ago

Are you even a reputable commenter?

Elzer2571d ago

Is this even a reputable article?

^^^^Answer to all three questions above. yes , yes and Yes!!!! Driveclub sucks!

Gazondaily2571d ago


Anyway, instead of picking holes at various reviewers, why don't you guys form your own opinion? After all, your own opinion matters most.

Spotie2571d ago

@Fireseed: As much of one as you are, if not more. What does that matter? His reputation has nothing to do with the validity of this review.

But then, why are you here? You've shown virtually no interest in this game. Why are you commenting here, but not in any of the articles where the game scored higher? Why is this comment not even on topic?

DeadlyOreo2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )


Wow, you are a dumbass. What kind of reply is that, what are you 8 years old? LOL.

I was just asking a simple question, I simply haven't heard of these guys. Sometimes I actually feel so stupid just being on this site when I see replies like that get flooded with agrees. Dear lord.

Fireseed2570d ago

@Spotie and Oreo

It was a joke dude. Calm your tits. Calling someone a reputable reviewer is basically asking if someones capable of stating whether they liked something or not. So I thought Id point out you're just as capable of giving a comment without being asked if you're reputable or not.

And perhaps you feel stupid on this site not because you see other people agreeing with something, but because you're actually too stupid to pick up on undertones and sarcasm in a comment.

madjedi2570d ago

What sarcasm and undertones because all i see is a smartass remark.

He is not stupid because you aren't clever enough to make the sarcasm obvious through exaggeration or realize that emotion that is conveyed through one's voice. Doesn't translate over in flat text.

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masa20092571d ago

It's part of CBS Interactive. It's basically a Euro equivalent of Gamespot.

TM3332571d ago

These low score look like clickbait to me. People just can't seem to enjoy a game for what it is without over analyzing and comparing to something else. Plus, Playstation exclusives, barring Naughty Dog games, have had a tendency in the past to get hammered by reviews. Hmmmm. Oh well, still don't want an Xbox One, and I still will enjoy this game. No problem for me.

starchild2571d ago

Oh knock it off, plenty of Sony exclusives have been well received. Some of you are just going to have to accept that not all Playstation exclusives are masterpieces the way some of you act. Playstation exclusives run the gamut from fantastic to poor, just like any other type of game.

Anyway, the scores for this also run the gamut so who's to say you won't like it as much as some of the higher scores?

TM3332571d ago

Trust me, I don't fear that I won't like it at all. I know I'll enjoy it. I enjoy things, including games, for enjoyment's sake. I'm just noticing a trend with media. I don't need to "depend" on these scores to decide what I'll play. Some people wanna suck all the fun out of this hobby.

StrawberryDiesel4202570d ago

The higher scores are from individuals who were probably looking forward to it or love the racing genre. Bad reviews are from individuals who have an agenda or hate the racing genre but have to review the game. For them, it feels like work.

Torque_CS_Lewith2571d ago

You mean like littlebigplanet, killzone 2, journey, heavy rain, resogun, velocity, flower, sound shapes, mob the show, god of war, demon souls etc? Oh yeah PS exclusives have it sooooo rough!
Psssh please!

urwifeminder2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Feel like I should post a help line phone number for the over emotional as I care for my gaming brothers in their hour of need.

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