PlayStation 3 Launch Review -- An IGN Editorial

How did Sony do? What went right, and what went wrong? An in-depth analysis.

We've been through two E3s filled with promises, a summer powered by anticipation, and an autumn fueled by hype, doubts, claims, and revelations. But now that Sony's PlayStation 3 has launched in North America and Japan, how did the console really turn out? Was the wait truly worth it? Does the PlayStation 3 take gaming to a level not attainable by the Wii or the Xbox 360?

Obviously, it's far too early to answer those questions responsibly. How valuable any one of these systems ultimately become can't and won't be answered for years. But what we can comment on is the PlayStation 3 launch itself. We can evaluate the system's potential, its current software library, its online capabilities, and the overall marketing behind the machine. In other words, we can tell you what we think.

And by "we" I mean "me," Jeremy Dunham, editor-in-chief of the IGN PlayStation Team and someone who has been watching this whole thing unfold since day one. Let it be said that my opinions and evaluation of the PS3 and its launch don't necessarily reflect those of the rest of my team (or the IGN staff) -- this is just how I see it, so don't freak out on everybody if you disagree (direct that anger this way instead).

Anyhow, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's talk about how this article works. Highlighted below is my breakdown of the PS3 and its hardware, its first and third party software, and a number of other factors that have all been graded on a 10 point scale. At the end of it, I'll put it all together and we'll see what happens from there. In any event, enough of the setup... it's time for one man's opinion.

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PS3n3604346d ago

in black and white 6 out of 10. pathetic considering the way Sony hyped this thing beyond what it could live up to. Sure as hell doesn't make me want to rush out and buy one. I will say though that he gave it a 10 out of 10 for potential so Its a wait and see at the moment and hopefully by next year there will be a compelling reason to buy one. I am a techno geek at heart and I want one I just want a good reason to want one not the babble from some old man in japan telling me its better than what I have already.

Bill Gates4346d ago

And you actually felt the need to spew this on here? That makes you more pathetic then the 6 out of 10.

PS3n3604346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

and you found the need to insult someone online for their opinion that makes you an idiot out of 10. Dont cry that your precious console is a piece of a$$.

crystallakekiller4345d ago

i agree with you,PS3 is a good console but sony think we are idiots and we will believe everything they say!its not better than the 360,and everybody who continue to say that the PS3 is better than the 360 know nothing about consoles!

uxo224343d ago

How can you give a console a 10 in future potential with the HD format still up in the air. I understand the potential aspect, however that same potential could be disasterous if blu-ray doesn't prevail. (Although both formats seem to be doing pretty well in stores with movie availability.)

Anyway, I think he should have reserved a point for future potential because of the unknown on the movie format.

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Odiah4346d ago

They deserve 3/10 for the cheap ass launch lineup.

MicroGamer4345d ago

Umm..what did we get on PS2 launch day?? Street Fighter EX3? Orphen, Scion of Scorcery? Tekken Tag? Oni? Fantavision? Fusion Frenzy? Sony is staying true to form as far as launch titles go.

super bill4346d ago

sony dosen,t deserve nothing for not keeping there promises and delaying the ps3 in europe.what a waste of money that company are.

richie007bond4346d ago

This should be a games machine first and foremost,not some lame ass next gen dvd beta ray,judging by the release games sonys more interested in the consumer buying beta ray movies than games,PATHETIC to say the least,sony has lost its way,after all the hype for the past year and a half it should of been so much better

EnforcerOfTheTruth4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

MS screws your little ass with the $hitty and ridiculously overpriced peripherals, a ridiculous 3 months warranty, bretrays you with the $hitty HD player which can be only used for a limited time and you even dare to diss Sony? Haha oh boy now that's really pathetic haha bend over and smile while Billyboy pops you haha

xbox360migs4345d ago

What on earth are you on about? Anyway back to the article... it sums things up pretty well.

BIadestarX4345d ago

And this is a sign of a fanboy's frustration and lack of creativity in the art of word mastership. Why don't you go and enjoy your PS3 consoles and all the 10/10 games available for it. You may be able to diss us about the HD-DVD player which as a gamer we don't care about, but what system lets you play with the best games in the market? Jump in!

CyberSentinel4345d ago

MS peripherals cost slightly more because of the quality of their controllers, and because their wireless standard is proprietary. therfore you wont see many 'cheaply made' third party peripherals. The quality of their equipment is evidnt in this link.

And to be equaly fair, here's a link to display the PS3's quality

As far as warranties are concerned, please send me a link to PS3's warranty, I cant find it anywhere on their website,(much like the spec's of their RSX gpu)why are they ashamed to publish this information? What do they have to hide? At least Microsoft is upfront and honest about all their information.

blind lemmings, $ony Loves You.

DJ4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

so I don't know what some of you are getting all pissy over. Over-priced 'optional' peripherals, expensive 'optional' HD movie drive that limits you to one format, just like the PS3. 360 fanatics cried foul when Sony chose one format, but when Microsoft did the same thing they let MS off the hook. Hell, at least Sony chose the superior format with the greatest chance of success.

Once HTCP is implemented, the HD-DVD drive is going to be worthless. Sony on the other hand adopted HDMI and saved us from a big copy-protection hassle.

Even if Sony launched with 4 million consoles, people would still be unhappy because THAT many people want the PS3. Overall, I would give the launch a 6.5~7, slightly higher than the PS2's launch.

FirstknighT4345d ago

I think the problem here is not about the ps3 or the 360 but getting enforcer back to school! ;)

crystallakekiller4345d ago

just for your info every xbox360 purchased in 2005 are all garantied to be replaced if they have any problem until january 2006!so if you dont know a thing just shut up

uxo224343d ago

Is this Deja vu or have you made this exact quote in about 6 other threads. How many time I have to tell you DROP the HD DVD bit, it's optional. Think about it, had sony gave us the same option with Blu-Ray, the price of the PS3 would have been around 300-350. Think about it, remove the blu-ray, add a DVD player drop the price to 325, and this becomes the most sold piece of electronic gear possibly in history.

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