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While there's a good racing game in DRIVECLUB somewhere, it's hidden beneath oversensitive controls, awkward spikes in difficulty, and a dickish attitude.

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xHeavYx1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I knew there would be a not known website scoring the game really low, but this is a joke.

"You not only can’t just let up on the gas and cruise through a corner, you have to hit the brakes, and sometimes hard."

Yeah, I too hate hitting the brakes on a corner while going at 100 MPH

G20WLY1497d ago Show
Neonridr1497d ago

maybe in his world, cars don't obey the laws of motion.. :P

insomnium21497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I seriously hope noone is stupid enough to click on this thing. There will be more of these if you people don't learn to ignore them.

It's ok to come here to N4G and discuss or lol or whatever but NEVER click on the article itself with these.

SniperControl1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

This guy is just blatantly fishing for hits for his no-name site.
Disgrace that G20WLY has been marked for trolling as well for stating the truth, everyone needs to bub him up.
EDIT. think the submitter "Beerhound" is actually the guy who wrote the review.

inveni01497d ago

We can rate the site down.

ShinMaster1497d ago

@ inveni0

I don't know why a lot of people still don't know they can do this

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XabiDaChosenOne1497d ago

I was going to wait to until the weather patch but I said whatevs and just bought the game. I like it.

Scar-1497d ago

Gaming journalism needs to be evaluated. There are to many casuals reviewing hardcore games, seriously its like there mad this isn't push x to win cut-scene. Every game isn't going to be that streamlined for noobs.

headwing451497d ago

Do people even know what a 3/10 game is? a 3/10 game is one that doesn't function correctly, a game that has full of bugs, little to no presentation, terrible production costs or otherwise won't work. Sonic 06 is a 3/10 game (1/10 would mean the game is unplayable or unbeatable due to poor level design, Sonic 06 is AT LEAST beatable). I understand that this review is trying to be controversial in order to get views on there websites, but you only make your website look stupid and unprofessional when you do shit like this, and this applies to all the people who gave Destiny a 3/10 too.

I'm also willing to bet this website didn't get a review copy based on how unprofessional it is, which mean they literally bought the game today, played it for about an hour and rushed a review just to get that click-bait, its absolutely pathetic...

u got owned1497d ago


I have to agree with you a 3/10 game would be an unplayable, broken mess of a game. Click Bait review obviously.

Mr-Zex1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Perhaps the vibrations experienced from the crashes he obviously has had in-game have jolted through his body and left him delusional while he's written this 'review'?

FITgamer1497d ago

Even with the terrible review he's getting what he wants though, clicks. Article was just approved already at 260 degrees.

kayoss1497d ago

The author or reviewer been playing too much racing game on IOS tablets and phone where braking is not required.
Who the hell go into a damn corner over 75mph without letting off the gas or even braking?
Driveclub is an arcade game but it do have almost real world physics, something the reviewer fail to comprehend.

This, "You not only can’t just let up on the gas and cruise through a corner, you have to hit the brakes, and sometimes hard." alone should have gotten this review rejected automatically.

uth111497d ago

Brakes?!? Sony/Evolution never said there'd be brakes!

Preorder Cancelled! :P

Jamaicangmr1497d ago

Yeah screw dat sh!t. I aint using no brakes to make corners. Must be crazy

purpleblau1497d ago

Attention whore. Just some random blogger posted a stupid review doesn't mean shit. He will well be ignored, so is his review.

reaperofsouls1497d ago ShowReplies(1)
Death1497d ago

Clickbait at it's finest.

Magicite1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Reviews are very mixed, ranging from 3 to 9.
But I wouldnt give less than 5 to a game, that at least looks very awesome.

mcarsehat1497d ago

All you seem to stick up for is Playstation stuff, wonder why?

d0x3601497d ago

Considering driveclub is supposed to be an arcade style racer and not a Sim you shouldn't have to brake hard. That's what makea arcade racing fun. Speed.

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aviator1891497d ago

Ok, a score like that should be reserved for something that's just broken and unplayable.

FsterThnFTL1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

OMG, this was low blow:

"What’s ultimately annoying about DRIVECLUB, though, is that there’s a good racing game struggling to get out. The tracks are twisty and nicely varied, it does some interesting tricks with the sunlight, while the structure of the career mode makes you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something. But all of that is negated by the game’s annoying spike in difficulty, its prickly controls, and its dickish attitude. Which is why I have to take back what I said about my mom earlier. Because if she made a racing game, it would be a lot more fun than this."

SCORE: 3.0

the_dark_one1497d ago

oh well they gave 8.5 on forza horizon 2 so i can this as a bit of biased. not saying fh2 e a bad game cause it isnt, but a 3/10 smell of desperate trolling

Torque_CS_Lewith1497d ago

Most reviewers scored FH2 higher than DC so how does that prove bias? Especially since FH2 is rated higher than that 85 they gave it on metacritic.
I'm not agreeing or disagreeing that there is a bias, I'm just wondering how giving a universally acclaimed game a lower score than industry average supports your bias theory.

That would be like saying a site that gave Saints Row 4 a 5iss biased because they gave Grand Theft Auto V an 8.

Death1497d ago

I would say the 3 is less about bias and more about incompatence. With the bulk of reviews in the upper 70's, anything at the extremes should be disregarded. Meta is usually close as far as the averages go, but I would think it's about 5 points too low based on reviews from more trusted sources.

Silly gameAr1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Torque, I know that the Xbox is your preferred console, but even people that had no intentions of picking up this game can see that this is pretty much a troll review made for clicks, or has a bit of bias to it.

No other review site has scored Driveclub anywhere near this low.

u got owned1497d ago

What does this score has to do with FH2? serious question.

d0x3601497d ago

Ahh yes so the potential that omr racing game is just flat out better than another competing game automatically means bias and most certainly could never mean that forza is just a better game all around. Visuals aren't everything.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081497d ago

3.0/10? *laughes hysterically* sorry paul, but you get no clicks from me!