NGamer: Fatal Frame IV Preview

The Fatal Frame games have established themselves as the byword for suspense-filled horror. There are no showers of blood or shotguns, no hideous demons with heads attached to their backsides, and definitely no muscle-bound heroes called Jack. Instead, you play as a fragile-looking Japanese schoolgirl and are only ever armed with a flashlight and a special camera that can exorcise the ghosts that haunt whatever spooky location it is that you find yourself in. The games are superb.

Tentatively subtitled Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, the fourth Fatal Frame outing arrives in Japan at the end of July and fresh details emerging from its native land suggest that it'll be every bit as brilliant yet bum-clenchingly terrifying as its predecessors. The game is set on the 'mysterious' Rougetsu Island, home to a haunted mansion (who'd have thought it) where five girls from the same family were kidnapped when they were small children. We presume they're sisters.

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N4g_null4751d ago

When and if it is still coming out!? What studio is headed up the production? We know Tecmo bankrolled them.