Nintendo to ship 200,000 Wiis every week

Don't have your Wii yet? Don't worry! Nintendo has stated that they are expecting to ship 200k units to the U.S. every week until the end of 2006.

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Odiah4374d ago

This is how a real company treats their fans.

MicroGamer4374d ago

for Sony. Both MS and Nintendo will ample stock on hand for Christmas while Sony struggles to even get the number of promised launch units together. They were supposed to have 400,000 on launch day but reports are saying that they had probably a bit over 150,000 available and Wii weighed in around 350,000-450,000. With all the problems Sony is having the last few years, the last thing they need right now is a screwed up Christmas season for PS3. I will definitely be getting an XBox 360 Core, but if there are no serious shortages of Wii's, I may be tempted to grab one of those now, too.