Ubisoft: 'We Did Not Lower The Specs For Assassin's Creed Unity... For Any One System'

One of the debates that has consumed part of the new-generation discussion is the issue of varying resolutions and framerates on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Recent comments from Assassin's Creed senior producer Vincent Pontbriand are the latest to ignite the discussion.

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ape0073579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

typical PR talk, don't get me wrong i love Xbox one but it's unfair to do that

the truth is that both systems are underpowered, look at all the downgrades, all the miss promises, all the res/framrate problems etc...

this gen so far feel like an improvement to lastgen rather than a "big time new feel", it's the first time this happens in gaming

nicksetzer13579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Exactly, no dev has ever said something that was misinterpreted ... right?
Etc, etc, etc.

OT: I am sure that the Ps4 WILL have some minor upgrades (possibly visually) to the XB1 counterpart, as it is more powerful. (just not in form of increase in res or framerate) Honestly though I do believe he meant that they chose to make them both 900p 30FPS to keep the debating INTERNALLY. AKA, they didn't want to choose between lowering AI, NPC counts, etc. Which is made more obvious by the comments directly following that. As well as him saying the "consoles" (plural) are being held back by their CPU's.

Or we can just assume that despite watch dogs and the previous assassins creed game being superior res on PS4, Ubisoft just randomly decided for this game that they would "gimp" one version. Whichever theory makes you guys feel better.

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xHeavYx3579d ago

Lol, Ubi trying to backpedal, sounds familiar

Ezz20133579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

No need for excuses

Ubisoft dropped the ball pretty bad with this one
also their reasons for no Wii U version is pretty laughable

i'm getting the PC version any way
but man, i'm getting really tired of this Bad PR

starchild3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

So it was just as I said. This was a comment made by one Ubisoft employee, not an official statement from Ubisoft. I believed that he was simply using it as an excuse. He mistakenly thought that gamers would rather hear that they were trying to be "fair" than to hear that neither console was capable of more for technical reasons.

The real reasons, it seems, are technical. Neither console can achieve what they want to achieve in the game and run at 1080p/30fps.

This doesn't preclude there being differences between the PS4 and XB1 versions in other graphical areas other than resolution.

Fireseed3579d ago

@Sandwich and Heavy

So wait when they make their original statemenet it was 100% completely understood as planned and completely true. But this is "PR talk". I think this is why locking yourselves in the echo chamber of N4G is dangerous, you become so cynical you can't properly function.

fr0sty3579d ago

They admitted it, and now that it has backfired they are backtracking.

They dumbed it down on PS4 so that some Xbox One fans would not see it as a "rushed and inferior" product since some of them refuse to believe that anything below 1080p on Xbox One could possibly be due to hardware limitations...

They wanted to keep those sales. Nothing else.

NewMonday3579d ago

PS4 has an APU where CPU tasks can run on the GPU, this is how Uncharted 4 is doing.

So the CPU "bottleneck" talk is BS

Gazondaily3578d ago

Ah phew. That settles that. We can now relax right? Right?

donthate3578d ago

This is comedy gold!

When a developer says something that jives with a group, it is yes yes, the dev is right. After all they are a dev, and you armchair devs really aren't devs!

When it doesn't jive with the group, then suddenly the dev is lying and this is all PR, and it goes on.

Fact of the matter is, the dev in the initial statement stated it was a CPU issue. In fact, I suspect the Xbox One actually came out ahead, and for fear of backlash they Ubisoft scaled back the Xbox One version to match the PS4. We know that the PS4 has a weaker CPU than the Xbox One.

The opposite, where PS4 has a higher resolution version than Xbox One has happened, and has little effect on the games sales or it's reception. The opposite would be quite crazy due to what everyone "believes" is the case, without knowing the details.

Army_of_Darkness3578d ago

Ubisoft. .. . Please. Just.. . Stfu.

DragonKnight3578d ago

@starchild and Fireseed: Let's discuss why you're both wrong, but it will be short.

Article 1: Named source, senior producer of the game who would definitely have the knowledge to make the claim of why the versions are 900p/30FPs.

Article 2: Email with unnamed source sending an obvious PR copy.

You both take an email sent by an unknown individual in which the language is clearly "approved by the PR department" as the truth and have the gall to criticize people who take the word of a NAMED source who is actually involved with the game over that email?


Visualift3578d ago

You don't have to pay anything extra to unlock the cars/etc. They just make it an option. The kind of micro-transactions people hate are the ones that force you to pay extra feeds to unlock items.

AliTheSnake13578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

How do we know the PS4 version is not better ?
A lot of ignorance, Damn. It's not all about the Overall resolution. You still have the texture quality and the Anti-Aliasing and a bunch of other effects.

wsoutlaw873578d ago

@donthate not only is everything you said kind of crazy, but the only benchmarks out show the ps4 has a very slightly better cpu not worse. Some only thought it was worse because of leaked specs months before release.

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ThunderSpark3579d ago

8gbs of memory vs 512mbs of memory from last gen is not an improvement? The amount of facepalm needed for your comments right now. Fact is Ubisoft is pulling an industry practice that we can no longer tolerate. As gamers, we have the power to let our voices speak out through our wallets. Microsoft buckled under the pressure and so will Ubisoft.


Forn3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I was actually going to buy Unity, but after this fiasco, and with so many other great games coming out this fall and winter, I decided not to. My choice. Maybe if it ever goes on sale for half-off or something... maybe.

Vegamyster3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Where did he say that in the article? The only things he brought up regarding hardware that i saw was the CPU being a bottleneck, nothing about Ram. Thing is we don't know how either version compares to each other visually or how stable the framerate will be, i don't buy games right away typically so I'll sit back and wait.

TheFanboySlayer3579d ago

Just wanted to let you know that CPU is supposed to allow you to do multiple tasks at once. The stronger the CPU (the more cores and clock speed) the more tasks its can do at the same time......the RAM is just really fast memory. The guy was complaining that the CPU couldn't handle all the AI at once so the CPU was weak. not the RAM.

user3672723579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I like how the armchair developers think they know what they talking about over actual developers. The reason why ACIV was able to run 1080p on PS4 is because it is a cross gen games like tomb raider. There is a reason why there are no AC unity on last gen consoles. The new engine built specifically for the new consoles have things like more enemies, more sophisticated AI, improved textures and etc. Those things will tax the hardware and CPU and something like fps and resolution have to scale back. It is just logic and both the new consoles are just mid range PC with laptop CPU, there is only so much you can do. If you want graphics and performance..get a PC rig. Another day, and conspiracy theory and blame game. 😳

skulz73578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

The amount of people cancelling their pre orders over resolution is just ridiculous. Its only the first year in this generation, you can't expect ultra realistic graphics at full res and 60 fps.

Dynasty20213578d ago

I love how you think memory improves graphical fidelity.

Console owners *rolls eyes*

I went from 4GB of RAM to 8GB of RAM back in the day on PC. The only difference? Better loading times and less pop-in.

UltraNova3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I will be waiting to see this infamous CPU melting AI on the PC version then...

EDIT: @above Try running Crysis 3 or Metro on 4g of RAM on anything higher than 1080p and medium settings...dont bother. 8gb ram is the bare minimum by today's standards..hell having 15 tabs open at the same time with HD videos streaming will eat 4gb for breakfast (yes I know you mentioned graphical fidelity, just saying). Not to mention the 2GB of RAM most OSs need to run smoothly. Ok who needs 15 tabs open at the same time you are probably asking? I do ;-)

And for the record better loading times and less pop in is more than enough reason for having more RAM!

wiz71913578d ago

Yall are some weirdos forreal its only a game like seriously wtf is wrong with yall people.

user56695103578d ago

Lmao this site is hilarious. And people one here call pc gamers entitled elitist for complaining about real downgrade and being head back. People was on ubisoft site when ubisoft did this with watch dogs now that ps4 doesn't has Only a res advantage now everyone are devs. I also find it funny how all the fanboys try their hardest to ignore how multiplat people at ubisoft state that the cpu in these so called state of the article super powerful console are weak and bottlenecking the system. Gotta love how people will ignore anything that doesn't make ps4 look like goes gift to man

All this because the want to keep the res the same even though people don't know if the ps4 version will have better gfx effects they still show why they're the worst