Ridge Racer 7 Eurogamer Review

From the review: "Overall though, Ridge Racer 7 still makes a good account of itself. It's better in some areas than 6, and is certainly brilliant played against real people, or just picked up and played properly with the nitrous turned off in arcade mode. But it's not really as challenging, I don't think, and hardcore fans will find more to sustain them lurking in the oceanic depths of its Xbox predecessor. On balance then, a slightly lower score. The fact that it's the best PS3 racing game in a field of one is probably poetic."

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SuperSaiyan44350d ago

So where's crazy Kaz? lol!

blackmagic4349d ago

It's weird, RR7 is one of the better sellers for the ps3. From what I have seen and read so far, RR7 and RR6 are virtually identical games but RR6 is one of the weakest selling titles on the 360... is the demographic for these two systems really that different?

MicroGamer4347d ago

has always taken a back seat to Gran Turismo on the Playstation, and I don't see that changing unless Namco gets markedly better really quick. That said, I don't see a racing title on 360 that really strikes me as being so good that it makes RR6 look like crap in the same way the GT makes it look like crap on the other side. Project Gotham is flashy enough but doesn't have the same depth as RR. Need For Speed is more raw edged and street than a professional racing sim. Is there a version of Sega GT out for 360 yet?? Not that it matters, because past incarnations of Sega GT have been laughable. Given the lack of compelling competitors, RR6 should be kicking butt all over the 360 racing scene.

Marty83704348d ago

Difference is the PS3 actual sells in Japan,Xbox360 don't sell.

blackmagic4348d ago

What is with the retarded reply, I'm talking worldwide not japan and I am asking if there is a fundamental difference between the fanfare.

If you are going to go all dumbass fanboy on me then perhaps I could address your reply with something like suggesting that the reason RR7 sold better is that the ps3 launch line-up is so weak that even sub-par mediocre games will sell to sony gamers desperate for something with a review better than 2/10.

Jesus, fanboys make me so angry.

Marty83704348d ago

Difference is the PS3 actual sells in Japan,Xbox360 don't sell.