If Game Characters Were Old

Most game characters don't bother with ugly things like continuity – they never get old and they eternally wear the same clothes. But what if, like Snake, they were suddenly ravaged by Father Time? A dash of Photoshop reveals the disturbing possibilities.

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SpaceCowgirl4400d ago

I was hoping for a serious comparison, trying to see just how characters would change as they aged, but i guess the silly joke comparisons were kind of amusing, although "LOL OLD PEOPLE ARE FUNNY" is not exactly interesting.

toughluck4400d ago

Aw c'mon, have a bit of fun. Do you really want an in depth analysis of what it would be like if Link were old? Gee, he'd probably be married to Zelda, how'bout that?

SpaceCowgirl4400d ago

People have different ideas of what is fun, no big deal.

lsujester4400d ago

I liked the old, drunk Pikachu. LOL

MaximusPrime4400d ago

well i think konami/kojima did a good job on snake.

Teh-Venom4400d ago

the old lara croft still looks sexy! :P

lsujester4400d ago

You just want that cellulite arse. ;)

Laexerias4400d ago


sumfood4u4400d ago

Imagine Mario going from this to that peep images!

gumgum994400d ago

that was just downright disturbing 0_0

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The story is too old to be commented.