Rumor: Wii U Still Exists [Satire]

Video Games Made Me Do It: "As gamers and online shoppers gear up for the huge slate of new releases and Black Friday deals heading their way over the next two months, some reports are suggesting that the Wii U, Nintendo’s most recent but undersold console, is still being manufactured by the company."

Neonridr3168d ago

oh but it's only a rumour guys... lame

DryBoneKoopa853168d ago

Lame article. Rated the article and site down.

Master-H3168d ago

Ain't nothing to it, Video games made me do it.

tlougotg3168d ago

lol the salt is heavy in here.

Sad man but i wont buy a Wiiu until it hits like 150.00 its just really not worth it.

kreate3168d ago

Would u really buy it though? Serious question here.

DigitalRaptor3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

People can mock all they like, but Wii U is a great second console. Third party multiplatform support is bleak, but its exclusive software often makes up for the fact that Nintendo aren't even trying outside their exclusive software.

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