PS3 Fanboy: Dis is a deal: Disgaea 3 $50 at launch

PS3 Fanboy: "Hardcore SRPG fans love the Disgaea franchise. PS3 owners should be happy to know that the next iteration of the franchise, Absence of Justice, is a PS3 exclusive. Even better than that, the game will launch at $50, instead of the usual $60 we see for most current generation games.

We're glad NIS America is giving us a discount on what will undoubtedly become a cult classic. It may not have the best "next gen" graphics, but at least it's not asking us to pay a "next gen" price as well. We can approve. Expect it on August 26th.

Fans should check out the official site and vote on their favorite songs from the franchise. The top choices will be included in a pre-order bonus soundtrack, making the deal even sweeter."

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Wildarmsjecht4747d ago

Another reason for me to pick this game if the fact that it's Disgaea wasn't enough. WOOOTTTTTTT :D Where's Luca, I know he'll be happy to see this.

Luca Blight4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Yep, this is great news. Now hopefully they patch it with multiplayer!

Wildarmsjecht4747d ago

Ya definately, cannot wait. lol @ the haters.

Doppy4747d ago

How do you play Disgaea. It looks really cool, but at the same time it looks like a serious SRPG. Can a casual RPG gamer pick it up pretty easily, or should I stay away from this.

Wildarmsjecht4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Before Disgaea, I wasn't really into strategy rpgs, save for Final Fantasy Tactics and Vandal Hearts. Disgaea allows for anyone to pick up and play it with a fairly simple introduction setting and a great tutorial system for any trouble you may have. Not to mention, the dark but humorous story behind the title makes you wanna keep going. I don't think you'll have any trouble with it, but maybe give it a rent if you wanna try it, or try the PSP one "Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness" It's a good one.

The option to customize your characters to insane levels is really up to your preference. Like Luca stated below, you can power level characters to insane amounts and deal massive damage, while on the hunt for a multitude of weapons, but the game doesn't force that upon you.

Seraphim4747d ago

I think Disgaea is the perfect SRPG for any gamer. It's easy enough for a newcomer to get into and have a great time while learning everything about the game [strategy] yet so deep that even the hardcore gamers can appreciate it. Simply put, imo Disgaea is a game anyone can sit down and play. You don't have a SRPG freak to enjoy this game...

Disgaea was my first SRPG. I looked at it while at Shopko one day shortly after it was released. I had never heard of Disgaea, but just knew I had to check it out so I went back later that week to buy it. It took time to learn everything about the game, and I still probably don't know everything, but I had a great time playing it. Not only that but I enjoyed the story and humor A LOT...

anyway, this is a pleasant surprise. I'd have happily paid $60 but NISA offering it to us for $50? dOOd, that's Fantastic!! I just hope PS3 owners give this game a chance. It's an excellent series, and a great SRPG that anyone can truly enjoy...

Enigma_20994747d ago

... just play it like you would Final Fantasy Tactics... while tripping on acid.

And who are they kidding... I'd pay $64 for this...

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darkwing4747d ago

great! more reason to pick this up

Vino4747d ago

I still have to pick up the other two games.

Nitrowolf24747d ago

same here
man have i been missing allot of games do to the lack of not having a console b4

Vicophine4747d ago

Preordering mine ASAP with this news =D Etna ftw.

kingOVsticks4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

but I never got into the tactical fighting system like ff tactics had but i heard the plot is really good im just not sure about playing it though...

@Lucas alright man you sold me on it sounds really fun I'll get the first two on my psp then i'll buy this one sooner or later for the ps3(hdtv). Im not afraid of endless grind at all consider my self a grinder when it comes to rpgs-jrpgs(no mmo I just don't digem lol). I don't mind the anime/manga type story either that sound kinda cool actually thanks for feeling me in. and that whole deal 999,999,999,999 thing is crazy.

Luca Blight4747d ago

The plot of Final Fantasy Tactics is very good. Disgaea's on the other hand is hit or miss depending on the person playing. It is much more lighthearted and comical (quirky Japanese fare) despite the everpresent world/galaxy threatening overlord(s) theme.

The thing that Disgaea (and Makai Kingdom) have over FFT is the insane amount of customization the game offers. Not only do you have 25-50 character classes, but each character class has 5 levels which you can transmigrate to. Characters can level up to level 9999 and the damage gets ridiculous later on (999,999,999,999 damage?!)

Lastly, there is an insane amount of weapons/armor/items to obtain in the game. Each item (including weapon and armor) is unique similar to how things work in games like Diablo. Furthermore, each item can be "entered". When this happens, the game creates random levels for you to fight through based on how strong the item is. For example, a relatively weak axe might feature 20 randomly generated levels where enemies start out at level 10 and finish off at level 45 on the 20th floor (it gives you the starting level of the enemies but not the ending). But, a stronger weapon may feature up to 100 (or was it 255?) randomly generated levels (you can exit every 10) with enemies starting at level 200 and ending at level 2500! All the while, there are bonuses (in the form of EXP and items) as well as all the items you can steal off your enemies. Oh and by the way, the more you progress through an item, the stronger it gets (in the way of stats).

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