IGN: Battlefield: Bad Company UK Review

It's a bold move from DICE to push its proven Battlefield formula out onto the hotly contested grounds of the single-player shooter on the current generation of consoles, and with Bad Company the Swedish developer is looking to stake its place on incredibly hostile territory.

First impressions of Battlefield: Bad Company can be more than a little underwhelming – with a cast that draws upon the cinematic rogues from the likes of Three Kings and Kelly's Heroes, the game's characters are presented in the broadest of strokes. Our hero Preston Marlowe finds himself under the employ of the titular Bad Company, a group of troublemakers deemed expendable by the powers above, and as such placed on the frontline of the conflict where others don't dare to tread. Under the tutelage of Sergeant Redford – a character pulled from the same pages of the action movie textbook that gave us Alien's Sergeant Apone amongst others - Marlowe is joined by Haggard and Sweetwater, two soldiers keen to crack wise throughout even the most heated of bullet exchanges.

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Hydrolex3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Actually I do ! COD4 is kind of repetitive after a while but in BFBC, the maps are very bigger and you can do more stuff.

Hagaf223774d ago

i enjoy the heck out of the demo, while it has taken a majority of my time, split with playing mgs4, i cant say its better than cod4, its just cod4 has made its cycle and people are ready for a new game to play and bfbc seems to have a good chance of doing it, the map size is great, the use of vehicles is great, but some of the shooting is different than cod, which i think cod hit the perfection button on much of the realism (coming from some one who pretty much only plays hardcore) would be great if bf has a "hardcore" setting.

rucky3774d ago

I've always been a Battlefield player since the PC days. Modern Combat I thought was great even though it became a lot more arcade'y. COD4 was the first COD I played and it was intense, exhilaratingly and competitive. Battlefield is just pure fun

Jinxstar3774d ago

I do currently but I think it's just a "New game" feeling. COD is miles beyond anything I have ever played before it. Will this game be? The single player looks good but nothing like COD. I have yet to truly judge the online and although it looks really good not sure if it will be better. After about a month of playing re compare the 2 and see....

ThichQuangDuck3774d ago

Call of duty 4 fans are going to say it didnt get reviewed as well. But we all no that battlefield is more fun. No point to deny it at least in multiplayer.

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CrashSharc3774d ago

hmmmm I'm looking forward to this game. I really liked the Demo, but don't know whether the full game would be worth it. Hopefully we'll see more optamistic reviews. I'm still a student paying my own tuition, so I gotta be more prudent as to which games get my money :P it sucks.

Hydrolex3774d ago

if you don't like it, you put it on ebay and maybe you only loose 10 bucks but it's worth it

CrashSharc3774d ago

Thanks, I just Might.

Did I mention I was a HUGE fan of BF2?

OOG3774d ago

The more I play this games demo the more I like it.....

Only wish the controls were as smooth as say a cod4 or halo game.....kinda feel clunky sometimes......but game still seems like it will be fun none the less

consolewar3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

luv the feel.
PS.Oh my, this is weird I agree with the Sony loyalist(Hydro..)
Battlefield rocks my socks

icdedppl3774d ago

give me vehicles! that's all i gotta say...

IzKyD13313774d ago

but BFBC is a really fun shooter....

consolewar3774d ago

if you dont have anything positive to say go that way ---------->
4crying Out loud it's multiplatform.

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The story is too old to be commented.