The Rumor Killers: June 20th, 2008

"TheGameReviews scours the internet in search of the juiciest, most shocking and darn out ridiculous rumors we can find to see if there's an ounce of truth behind them and give our professional opinions on whether or not they could become true."


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predator3956d ago

The Resi one is still up in the air (E3 will set things straight)

Too bad about Heavenly Sword, i enjoyed most of it and would like a sequel of some sort

forza 3 - don't give a rat ass if its on 2 discs, its forza they can do what they want. awesome racing game

cain1413956d ago

I really like the Rumor Killers Image... Looks pretty cool...

Multigamer3956d ago

I can imagine resi 5 timed exclusive. that or dead rising 2 as an exclusive

predator3956d ago

i hope dead rising 2 is one of Capcom's un-announced games at E3. about time we had a sequel to that

cain1413956d ago

Dead Rising was just ok for me... But I think the sequel has ton of potential.

Relin3956d ago

I'd rather have an install than have to bother taking care of two discs, especially since HD installs tend to reduce load times.

cain1413956d ago

As long as I have room for this instal on my Hard Drive I agree...

Relin3955d ago

Yeah, I gotta get a new HD for my PS3. That piddly 20Gb isn't cutting it anymore.

meepmoopmeep3956d ago

heavenly sword sequel being canned is the one that makes me sad if it's true.

kira9893955d ago

You can take that game in so many different directions!!!

If you really wanted to you could make as many stories as you want off the Heavenly Sword.. And thats what i thought they were goona do..

Showing all the different stories of all the different wielders of the sword would have been truly epic!!!

*Fingers crossed*

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The story is too old to be commented.