Ballmer's plan: forget Yahoo, let's go back to the future

As Bill Gates gradually reduced and then ended his role at Microsoft over the past several years, Steve Ballmer has become the public face of Microsoft. In contrast to Gates, Ballmer appears interested in talking less about Microsoft technology, and far more willing to discuss its place in a number of very competitive markets.

In the latest instance of this, he sat down with the Financial Times for an extensive talk that describes where he thinks the company's going now that the Yahoo deal has fallen through. Although the talk focused on Microsoft's online efforts, it's possible to analyze the company's approach to a number of markets in light of how Ballmer views the competition with Google, and the analysis suggests that Ballmer still thinks the tactics that worked so well in the 1990s are still the key to his company's future.

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Silogon3775d ago

Have some eggs and shut up, Ballmer.

"developers, developers, developers, developers, developers"

ProblemSolver3775d ago

Google kicks asses, Ballmer am cry.

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monkey nuts3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Perhaps a similar play on words regarding the flux capacitor may have been more favorable? I kid, I kid. :)