Q&A: Getting Nude with Nude Maker

Nude Maker designer Hifumi Kouno has earnestly described his company's name as an entreaty for developers to shed their pretensions to fame and lay their feelings bare.

Of course, his company has also spent a few years making adult PC games for the Japanese market, so interpret it as you will.

During a recent PlatinumGames event, Kouno sat down with Gamasutra to discuss his recent activities, his attitudes towards developing adult titles, and why people are "afraid" of the adult game market.

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Shadow Man3824d ago

I haven't play any hentai games, but I seen some videos of games like Sexy Beach3 and Biko.

There is something I always wounder, why won't Microsoft release any Hentai games on their 360 in Japan. If some Japaneses people love hentai so much I bet they will buy a 360 for a Exclusive hentai game. Jrpgs is a start but they need to sell hentai games.

NinjaRyu3824d ago

but their were some on the first Xbox! Besides hentai games IMO wouldn't help MS game Image in japan. Their already sceen to the basic Japanese casual gamers as a Gaijin console that just has Boobs & blood. Being the home of hentai( & yuri or yoai) game would only push more of the casual gamers in japan away from them.

n to the b3824d ago

they sure do slip in the borderline softcore for XBL movie downloads, don't they? : D

seriously, I don't want people to think I'm a perv MS stop pasting that "Teeth" ad all over my dashboard!

dexterwang3824d ago

So ahem anyone kno any good hentai games out there?

chrstphr5673824d ago

I agree maybe Microsoft will release another Beach Vollyball game over in japan. Or better yet Microsoft can ask Hifumi Kouno a RPG or FPS Staring a female so it would look like Halo for men Samus for Female (just saying IMO lol)