70 Year Old Take On MGS4

Brian Crecente of Kotaku writes: At 70, my dad isn't probably the typical Metal Gear Solid gamer, probably not even the typical gamer. But after watching me play through chunks of Grand Theft Auto shortly after its release he vowed to pick up the Playstation 3. Why the PS3? Because the original Xbox, now a magnet for dust in his house, got a chance and it was the Playstation's turn, he told me.

So on launch day my dad made his way to the only GameStop in Moultrie, Georgia, a town of pecan trees, tobacco warehouses and business-stopping high school football games. He got there before opening and stood in a line of one just to pick up the PS3 Metal Gear bundle.

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Vojkan3772d ago

"I think," he said slowly, "that they need to decide if they want to make a game or make a movie."- o please give it a rest. Dont play it if you dont like it.

This is something like this "My dad is 70 and i gave him hardcore title, just so he can get frustrated and give me some crap so i can write it on my blog."


sonarus3772d ago

lol. Don't be so quick to judge. The dude got stuck at vamp battle. I felt for him because i was stuck there for a while myself

Lord Anubis3772d ago

how can you get stuck on the vamp level.


I mean you know the nanomachines helped him heal his body and Naomi gave you the nanomachine suppressor.

it's like putting sugar on a tea (or honey)

sonarus are you devoid of imagination?

SaiyanFury3772d ago

Well his dad is 70. Maybe he wasn't paying attention to the part about the syringe.

Spydiggity3772d ago

you're a real jerk. grow up.

and he's absolutely right about that statement. it does seem like they are trying to make this like a movie. you play for an hour, then get a 20 minute cut scene. i think there's something like 9 hours of cut scenes...

i thought we were gamers? when i turn on a game, i want to play it, not watch a buncha diarrhea jokes.

good game, too many cut scenes, and the old guy should give it another chance cuz it is a very enjoyable game. maybe the son could beat that part for him.

and i'd just like to add how sad it is that so many people on N4G take people's opinion's so personally. YOU didn't make the playstation. YOU don't own sony. you, in fact, have absolutely nothing to do with them other than you own their machine. and if you like it, great. but if someone doesn't like the same thing as you, you have no business taking it THAT personally. you had no creative, intellectual, or financial investment in the creation of this game, console, or anything else that comes from sony (or MS). so get over it, if you like it so much, go play it and quit jumping down people's throats for their opinion.

Vojkan3772d ago


I havent read your pointless and long comment, other than first sentence. All i can say is, i BET MY LIFE that you havent played MGS4 and yet you come here and tell us how he has the point and it is more movie than game blablablabla. Just shut up dude, you sound like moron.
Like i said, dont play the game if you dont like it, i cant hear this stupid comments anymore, no one really cares other than it being annoying and making normal people as myself really mad.

clintos593772d ago

you obviously havent played the game. I on my first time around beating the game, took me 36 hours to beat the game because I was obviously sneaking around and trying to find out alot of clues at the same time. I hear alot of people trying to say there are alot of cut scenes where there is, but forget the fact that there is also 20+ hours of gameplay in MGS4. More then halo 3 and gears of war single player put together. So I dont see why alot of u act like there is more cut scenes then gameplay.

TheDeadMetalhead3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

You're just an a#$%hole so shut the f^$k up already!

You find one little thing in EVERY SINGLE story and b#$ch about it to no end! Your comments are stupid and pointless so GET LOST!!

And FYI, if your illiterate eyes had read past the first sentence you would've heard him say that Grandpa should give the game another chance. But why do I bother type this you won't even GET THAT FAR!!

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crimsonfox3772d ago

i remember trying to make my dad watch a cut scene on ps1 and her would sleep
but i showed him a certain part of the ending on mgs4 and he said he really liked it.
i think this is just funny.

Pornlord3772d ago

I didn't get stuck on Vamp, but I paid close attention to the nano machine part, as it intrigued me, and got a lucky guess. I did die several times trying to do it properly, but it wasn't to the point of frustration. I understand his point. He should get back on the horse though, beat it, and move on to the shocking last parts of the game. :) That's hardcore. I plan on playing games when I'm 70, so rock on old man... rock on.

meepmoopmeep3772d ago

yeah, i was stuck on Vamp for the longest time, the longest boss to figure out. i can understand where the old man is coming from, the story is extremely complex for a noob and it is the line between a movie and game. but that's what i love about the franchise. some people don't like it though. understandable.

Veryangryxbot3771d ago

Furthermore, if he cant play the game, then he shouldnt be messing around with the difficulty level.

And finally, I would think he would appreciate the storyline as it basically like growing old. You would think he can relate to Snake as Snake is going through the same phase he is?

If he cant even do that, maybe get a wii instead. Because MGS4 is clearly not meant for you then.

PSWe603772d ago

dad for trying something different.

My old man played Fight Night Round 3 on my PS3 when I first bought my console and he actually beat me once.

He then tried GTA IV and found it hilarious that you can get a hooker then kill her to get your money back.

crimsonfox3772d ago

just finds it funny when you hit someone and he likes when i play online the whole fact that im hitting someone else is the funniest thing in the world to him haha

ELite_Ghost3771d ago

my dad was actually laughing his ass off when I was playing GTA4...

kingOVsticks3772d ago

im pretty sure it was on liquid easy but for him to learn all the buttons and go that far in act 4 no less really impresses me.It took me a minute to figure out how to fight vamp too I kept think it was a certain amount of times i killed him a cutscene was bound to pop up but no -_-

Hagaf223772d ago

im gunna be a 70 year old grandpa whoppin up on my grandkids, ill show them darn kids.

TheExecutive3772d ago

I had to bother otacon until he told me lol

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