Playstation.Blog: Hot Shots Golf: THIS is a course!

Chris: "G'day lads, happy Friday! Chris here again, dropping in on you with a little update from the latest news from the smallest continent in the world… Australia.

As you've most likely already experienced (and shame on you if you haven't) the greatness that is traveling through Hot Shots Golf (Africa, the Alps, Japan), there is no amount of text that could possibly describe the Dingo goodness that you'll be sure to experience with the new course… drumroll please… Oceania Resort Course!"

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pwnsause3799d ago

is that what i think it is? a Giant Enemy Crab?

crazy250003799d ago

you should go read the blog =)

Silogon3799d ago

Looks more like a Lobster to me, but I could be wrong. Even if I wasn't you'd still disagree.

Wildarmsjecht3799d ago

How did you get back in here so quick? lol...giant enemy crab in golf is fun needless to say. Haven't you tried it before?

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