'Blind invites' still a heated subject in CoX

Via Massively: " Why do people send blind invites, I hate it (or alternatively, 'why do people get so worked up about blind invites, it's no big deal.')

The last of these is something we've not seen occur anywhere other than CoX with quite the same ferocity. In CoX, a game where teaming is encouraged, a 'blind invite' is an invitation to join a team that's sent without any warning. There's no indication of what the team is going to be doing, nor of the level or AT of the person doing the inviting. It's just a box that appears in the middle of your screen, asking you if you want to team or not. Why bring it up? Because if you're new to CoX or haven't been playing long, you might not be aware just how much resentment there is over this issue."

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