Infosys: Holograms on handsets by 2010

CNET: "Holographic mobile handsets capable of projecting, capturing, and sending 3D images have been developed by Indian tech giant Infosys.

By 2010, the devices will routinely beam 3D films, games, and virtual goods into our laps, according Infosys, which has patented the handset.

The portable machines will capture and send 3D snapshots of the surrounding world, helping accident investigators, teachers, and doctors work remotely by instantly relaying realistic depictions of car damage, injuries, medical scans, or educational aids.

The powerful onboard processor on the Infosys machine would build a series of 2D shots taken, for example, from a digital camera, into 3D holograms using algorithms called 'Fourier' transformations to calculate the extra third dimension.

The patent, granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, says this allows complex 3D holographic images to be squeezed through the narrow pipes of existing communications networks by sending only the unprocessed data to be translated into the 3D hologram at the other end. "

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DarkBlade3773d ago

I bet the prices of those will be unaffordable for some. I'm guessing around 600-700 bucks.

crazy250003773d ago

Then prices will drop rapidly, especially since cell phones mostly have the same features.

Kakkoii3773d ago

"2010, The year when sex with holograms is made possible"

MrWonderful3773d ago

it will be like the movie Demolition Man!

meepmoopmeep3773d ago

can't wait until this tech migrates to gaming

Imallvol73773d ago

unnecessary peripherals this way come!

dude_uk3773d ago

the earlier the better..

I mean the faster the technology only "seen" in movies come out the better for me... as i'll live to see my dreams becoming true...
flying cars you name would be very cool... also minority report stuff or star wars lol...
I know its unlikely but not totally impossible...

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