SoulCalibur Requests Your Presence... The Guest Characters

Nidzumi writes: With the fourth rendition of SoulCalibur on the way a lot of the focus has been on the inclusion of Darth Vader and Yoda as playable characters. Sure its garnered a lot of attention for the game but has it really been for the actual game and has it really been the right kind of attention?

Granted the idea sounds good but the fact that they can't even fight each other takes away some of appeal. Surely a SoulCalibur Vs Star Wars game would have been a better choice. Think about it you could still have your normal SoulCalibur series untainted with outsider characters and have your Star Wars connection included. Namco could literally have their cake and eat it too.

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kingOVsticks3958d ago

hmmmm no maybe a Star wars fighting game made by Namco but that no

SpaceCowgirl3958d ago

There better be a setting to ban star wars characters from online matches and to put them out of the main game. I don't want to get into one character's epic storyline and arcade experiance to suddenly have the whole mood of the game changed as im fighting on the death star.

Besides if they are going to give the 360 a guest character I would have taken Boba Fett over Yoda.

kingOVsticks3958d ago

yoda's going kick ass but as you said if they have him online would suck because he seems cheap(his only 3 feet no throws and no high attacks)