XboxOZ360: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review - The closest thing to perfect since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

XboxOZ360 writes: "Soon as Metal Gear Solid is booted up to the main menu you suddenly just know in yourself that this is going to be brilliant. The menu consists of Solid Snake our favourite young hero, who has now aged close to his end, visiting the grave of the Boss. The menu's presentation reeks of pure quality and thus, before you even start the game your adrenaline is pumping for excitement.

"'When the opening cinematic starts you assume the game is 30+ years since the end of Metal Gear Solid 2, as Snake has aged with grey hair, wrinkles and a rustier voice than ever. Whereas actually it turns out that it's only been 5 years since the Big Shell incident and that Snake has an accelerating aging disease with only 12 months to live, but Snake has one final mission to finish before he can leave this world… He must save the word from his brother: Liquid."

Editors preamble (XboxOZ360) :- Some will wonder why an Xbox 360 dedicated site such as ourselves has a PS3 review nestled within its hallowed pages. Better yet, one that is reportedly THE PS3's pinnacle game for Sony's "ultimate" gaming system. The reason is a simple one really. We here at XboxOZ360-game/ are first and foremost gamers and as such, prefer 'games' over fanboyism any day.

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Vojkan3775d ago

Great review, they have my respect from now on, nice guys.

sonarus3775d ago

wow didn't see an xbox dedicated site rating it this high. Maybe we should encourage more cross game reviews so PS3 sites rate 360 exclusives and vice versa.

Hagaf223775d ago

much agreed, very high props to this site. now you know its a great game when the ratings are that high from a 360 site.

Fragking283775d ago

yep leave it to 360 fanboys to actually care about games. Just joking. I love it how even though we dislike certain systems more than others we could do some good for gaming. NOw ps3 sites show some love for 360 titles its been a one side affair for the longest.

ThanatosDMC3775d ago

Well, they practically have no choice but to rate the game honestly. I mean, people will spit on their credibility if they bashed the game's awesomeness.

thesummerofgeorge3775d ago

Classy... Good for them, goes to show you how groundbreaking the game is.

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wolfehound223775d ago

This is such a great great game. The most fun I've had with a game in a long time. Will be playing this thru at least one more time.

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp;a mp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

Did anyone else try and change your controler from 1 to 2 when you played screaming mantis and octacon came on saying you can't do that that was only in mgs1. That was [email protected] awesome. I was lmao after that. Just such a great game.

kingOVsticks3775d ago

this isn;t the first all xbox site to review MGS4 highsly I think the other one gave it a ten and to your

SPOILER---------------------- ------------------------------- ------------

spoiler question yes...yes I did otacon is funny but did you try using the sixasis ?

wolfehound223775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Ya i used the sixaxis I do not have a DS3 yet.

>>>SPOILERS<<& amp; amp; amp; amp; amp;a mp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>

When he says I can make your controller move and he can't he freaks out. I don't remember what exactly he says but its pretty classic. That is the stuff that makes this game great just the little stuff that is intertwined with new and old MGS.

I was surprised a little but,

>>>SPOILERS<<&a mp; amp; amp; amp; amp;a mp; amp; amp; lt;SPOILERS>>>
I'm also glad they didn't end it with him committing suicide either. Plus who knows they may have left it open for a MGS5.

CrashSharc3775d ago

SPOILERS|||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ||||||
|||\\\\\\||\\\\|||\\lol, I love it when he say "put the controller on the ground and snake is like "huh, wtf?" lol!. |\\\|||\\||\|HUGE SPOILER HERE But did anyone think it was really wierd that Snake doesn't||\\||\ d*e|\\||\\| at the end? atleast not in any cutscene|\\\|||\\||||\|||\||\|

MEGANE3775d ago

i also inverted my controller and it was the only way i was able to shot at it with no use of curse....but it was fun trying until i realize that i had to know!

Infernus3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Yeah for the Mantis thing it even recognised that I had a White DS3 and not a standard one! The flashbacks are good too, what a way to recap the old games in-game! Anyone else realise that when you find a secret area you get playback of some dialog from the older games? There's a mini cropcircle on the scounting mission (I won't tell you where) and you hear the MGS2 dialog from Campbell in Arsenal Gear about being abducted by aliens. Good stuff!

The Boss battles in MGS games are always good though, always unique and the best bit is that you know early on that you'll have to fight them at some point. It leaves that feeling of always having a huge battle awaiting you. Valve do it well with the Half-Life games too, they introduce the player to something and test them with it later on.

Breaking the 4th wall is something MGS games do well, the Mantis fight is the best example, but the button presses during the cutscenes for flashbacks and 1st person views also help with player interactivity. The biggest challenge will be retaining Kojima's influence on things like that in MGS when/if they make the next game.

AbyssGravelord3775d ago

Lmao I also changed my controller from 1 to 2 when fighting the mantis, it was so funny though when the mantis said "I'm going to make your controller move on its own!....WHAT!"

>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> SPOILERS!!!!<<<<< ;<<<<<<<&l t;<<<<
Wasn't the final fight with liquid simply amazing!!! With the music playing in the background I was almost in tears from the complete awesomeness and nostalgia!

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Blademask3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

They praise gameplay but I found this interesting:

"Graphically this game is one of the most beautiful games ever, only coming into close rivals with Crysis, but while Crysis beats Metal Gear Solid 4 in Game play graphics, it blows Crysis out of the water in Cut scenes. Cut scenes are done in engine so the transition between both is smooth and doesn’t take you out of the action. The textures on Snakes Octocamo suit look amazing. As do the floor and wall textures. Generally everything about graphics is there, such as depth of field. You may find the occasional low resolution texture here and there, but generally it is a fine game, with the Frame Rate dropping barley ever, and not to any unwatchable degree. Lip-synching is fantastic and general character design and graphics have never appeared this real life looking."

"In my opinion, this has been the best game out since Zelda Ocarina of Time, it’s truly revolutionary, and its cinematic game play and storyline carry this game to the number one position on the podium. It does have a few minor setbacks, but they are so minor most players won’t even noticed them, or if they do, they will be forgotten a second later. The game has many things to unlock after you initially beat the game, so it will keep you playing for many, many hours. And I can only hope that Konami’s next game featured in the Metal Gear universe revolutionizes the series even further."

= 9 . 9

ScottEFresh3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

This game is a winner...a true masterpiece. Not even Xbox faithful can deny that. Truly a great game which should be played by everyone...who own a PS3.

cr33ping_death3775d ago

now MS loyalist have to be wanting this game if it got a 9.9 from an xbox site. really guys this game is just that good.

Vojkan3775d ago


rucky3775d ago

"The team has chosen the Xbox 360 as their prime platform due to many reasons, but that does not stop them from enjoying games presented on the other platforms that they love to play. So the question is poised, should we not cover a major AAA PS3 title simply because it is “the opposition” ? Of course not, we’re more mature than that, and we would hope that other Sony based sites would do the same with Xbox only games such as Gears Of War 2, Too Human, Fable 2."

Best part of their introduction. Cheers to this site