Gamedaily Interview: GamersGate Has Some Nerve writes: "Digital distribution is great for publishers since they don't have to worry about physical copies, and now GamersGate is looking to offer publishers more freedom in controlling their own properties online with GameNerve.

Digital distribution is certainly a hot topic in the gaming industry, on consoles and PC, so when GamersGate said that they had a "revolutionary" new digital publishing suite, we just had to know more about the Swedish company.

"It started as a project under the publishing house Paradox Interactive as a way of reaching customers worldwide," Theo Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate, told GameDaily BIZ. 'It was called 'Paradox on Demand' and was designed for countries we would never reach with a boxed product. We launched in 2005 and soon other partners wanted to be in on it, so we launched GamersGate as a separate entity. Things have been going well for us; some months we've had over 100 percent growth and we now have over 500 titles online from both minor and major publishers. We describe GamersGate as the 'iTunes for games,' since you download a play center to centralize all your games.'"

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