Wii could go HD

A rumor stemming from a quote: "We're not working on HD RIGHT NOW.." has sparked rumors that the Wii could be patched to HD. contacted a Nintendo rep to clarify, and while they said that Nintendo is absolutely not currently announcing any plans to upgrade the maximum resolution from 480p, it shouldn't be impossible in theory.

The rep noted that Microsoft was able to patch the Xbox 360 to support 1080p.

After all, continued the rep, Nintendo has already released a patch to allow Wii gamers to transfer game saves to SD cards.

This could be good news for Wii gamers looking for a sharper image on their HD sets.

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ChickeyCantor4350d ago

if you higher the resolution, then that also means more GPU calculations will be needed.

and isnt 480P already a lil bit of HD'ism?

Smellslikepie4350d ago

No, 480p is Standard Definition. At least, it is here in England.

DEIx15x84349d ago

480P is considered Extra Definition Television (EDTV).

Smellslikepie4349d ago

480p might be EDTV but only in America, I think most countries in Europe has this as a standard.

And just to clear it up, EDTV isn't Extra Definition, it's Enhanced.

BIadestarX4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

I wouldn't doubt this is true. Nintendo is know for doing this. They did it with the gameboy, they did it with the DS, why wouldn't they do it with this. I believe they will released like 4 different wii versions. First they will start with the colors; some idiots will buy into this and own 2-3 version of the same machine (including pink), then they may reduce the size of the console and some idiots which already own the original and the pink one will buy the smaller version. After that they will released a wii that supports 480P, then 720P, 1080i and finally 1080P, after that they will start the multi-color thing again... ohh yeah.. they will do the same with DVD playback support. lol.
That's how Nintendo makes their money. I personally know people that own 2 DS (fat and lite).

NJ1307RSX4350d ago

I agree with most of your comment but I doubt the Nintendo Wii can handle 1080P, or even 1080i.

BIadestarX4350d ago

true, but maybe wii 3 will 15 years from now.

sLoP4350d ago

wii can not do HD above 480p. The statement above was taken out of context, and was meant for their next console. 360 was able to patch up because the hardware is capable of it. Wii can not do that, even 780p is too much for it to handle. They stated this a while back, im just too lazy to look it up

no_more_heroes4346d ago

The Wii is about as powerful as the first xbox (maybe a little more) and the xbox could do cell shaded games (well, Sonic Heroes at least) in 720p (look at the back of the box for the game and it says HDTV 720p capable). So at the very least, the Wii could probably do games with bad graphics in 720p.

MicroGamer4350d ago

Nintendo has a history of bettering their last console,but not worrying much about what the competition is doing. This is a huge, mistake, I think and if Nintendo isn't careful, it could be their ultimate downfall. There is no doubt in my mind that Wii is more powerful than Gamecube just as Gamecube was more powerful than N64, but Sony and Microsoft are putting out 900 pound gorillas while Nintendo tries fighting them off with Bubbles the chimp. Sony's foul ups with PS3 will probably allow Nintendo to stay in it until the next generation, but barring another major mistake from the competition, just exceeding their own previous product won't save them next time. Now that the rant is over, I don't believe Wii has the horsepower under the hood to handle resolutions greater than 480p.

commadore654349d ago

people have been saying it all along, it's a beefed up gamecube, and the Xbox could. However even if it can do some form of HD it seems a bit against the current philosophy nintendo has taken, and it will never be capable of the graphics people see on the other 2 consoles.

I do however think that there will be some good looking games on wii (standard def), mostly due to artistic merit. wii sports looks like it was drawn on mario paint (but i can't wait to play it). Zelda looks pretty cool and it's a gamecube game.

I suppose I don't desire much though as I am fully immersed in ff4 again.

bszelda4349d ago

Nintendo and everyone I have talked to has said that the wii is past the gamecube and xbox on graphics...just not up to level with the 360 and ps3...couldn't the xbox function on 1080p HDTV? Hmmm...;)

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