Bloodborne Alpha Dialogue Hints at Major Demon’s Souls Connection

Junkie Monkeys: A recent dialogue leak coming from the Bloodborne Alpha could very well be hinting at a connection to From Software’s popular PlayStation 3 exclusive, Demon’s Souls. There are several other connections to the Demon’s Souls spiritual successor that might raise an eyebrow or two as well. As an note, this will contain spoilers so read on at your own discretion.

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nX1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Megaton! And let's not forget the Maiden's voice in the latest trailer! :D
Edit: Here it is

WillGuitarGuy1478d ago

Yup, that's in the article as well. If there is a connection I'll have my Sticky White Stuff ready on release, if you know what I mean.

nX1478d ago

Ah yes, should've read the whole thing :)
Now my hope for something like character and world tendency is rekindled again, I loved these systems so much that my Meat Cleaver was patrolling Boletaria nonstop if you know what I mean :P