PS4 sales continue to crush Xbox One despite price cut

The official NPD numbers for September haven’t been released yet, but it looks like Sony had another whopping victory last month despite some important moves by Microsoft to try to put the Xbox One back on top. According to VGChartz, Sony sold 178,000 PlayStation 4s globally during the week of September 14th while Microsoft only moved 94,000 Xbox One consoles in that time.

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kalimero22185d ago

Nothing new here. PS4 raped xbox one in US 8 months in a row

PS4 outsells Xbox One in U.S. for 8th consecutive month

plus it won 9 out of 10 NPD's losing only in december because shortages.

september NPD Will be bloodbath

Volkama2185d ago

Did anyone expect September to be any different? The most significant event in September was the launch of Destiny, and all it's PS4-marketing splendour.

If any month this year will tip the other way it will surely be November. COD and Halo marketing blitz, if MS can't get a lead in November that will be a more significant point of discussion.

ABizzel12185d ago

I though MS might have had a chance of winning September WW, due to the new 29 country launch. Launch numbers are ALWAYS heavily inflated just like holiday numbers if not more, so there was a chance.

The PS4 had been selling around 140k per week, which would put them in the 550k range per month give or take. I expected Destiny to double sales for the week of launch, and provide a nice boost through the rest of the month which would have put them in the 770k range. I didn't expect it to more than triple the sales (3.5x).

Prior to that the XBO was averaging about 50k per week, so around 200k per month. They were about to more than triple their current market from 13 to 42, with Tier 2 countries and since it was a first time launch (aka launch inflation) I felt they had a chance of actually tripling their numbers, on top of all the bonuses and promotions they were throwing around, with China being their wild card. So I expect MS to sell between 600k - 700k+ depending on the sales in China.

Long story short, the PS4 exceeded my expectations, and proved this generation is the second coming for the PS2.

The Xbox One should still be in the range for the month after all is said and done, which is good, but their numbers are going to drop big time, now that the launch inflation sales are over, and will probably average around 300k per month now (up from 200k), when means a $329 - $349 price drop is in the future for the XBO soon if they don't want Sony to take away more than 60% of the market share for this generation, which would be detrimental to the next Xbox (price cut November - April 2015).

Ezz20132184d ago


well, you never know ...sales always change..i doubt it that xbox will overtake ps4 any time this whole gen though

but what really bother me though
is the "59 vs 13 country" that xbox fans love to play sooo much this gen

"Ohhh ps4 is only outselling xboxone because ps4 is in 59 country while xbox is in only 13 country"

even though Ps4 is outselling xbox in those 13 country
and every time someone had to point this out for them for the 1million time

they don't care about sales but yet look at them in every sales article
they don't care about Res/Fps and yet look at them in Res/Fps articles
just look at how they acted when they thought Shadow of Mordor is the same on both ps4 and xbox one untill DF Face off proved them wrong

also i doubt Halo or COD will do much
didn't the ps4 version of the latest COD outsold Xbox version ?!...correct me if i'm wrong on this one

Volkama2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

The PS4 version of COD Ghost definitely outsold the One version when the consoles were new. Ghost has been in the charts ever since though, and honestly I wouldn't be able to tell you who it is still going out and buying it.

Next gen was relatively small numbers though, most people bought the 360/PS3 versions. It still pushed huge numbers overall, so it is still a significant title as far as marketing goes.

@Abizzel good point on the launches, must admit I assumed it was a US-centric article.

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bennissimo2184d ago


Who cares? Both consoles have games that make them worthy of purchase. All this bickering is moronic. You all act like this is a horse race. Just get whatever console you like -- or BOTH -- and then just play it. I own Sony stock (yeah, I know) and MS stock, and even I don't take a squat and squeeze like you surly lot. (I know there are actually some reasonable folks here, but they're vastly outnumbered)

Volkama2184d ago

@bennissimo but this is quite a calm and reasonable discussion, at least from the post you replied to.

I agree with you about the people that bitch and/or brag about sales though. Or consoles in general for that matter.

NewAgeisHere2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

That's very true, good point.

indyman77772184d ago

@ABizzel1 I like how you say XBO instead of XBONE. That is more respectable to xbox one fans.

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DLConspiracy2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

"Slaughtered" , "raped" , "bloodbath" "crushed". " dominating". I love seeing these words online. When we are only 10 to 11 months into this gen. What was it about 27-30 months last gen before the competition caught up? If both companies are turning a profit what does it matter? Especially to us consumers? I hardly see either company panhandling for change. Just because one company sells more does not mean I automatically prefer the top sale over the competition. It just means they are selling more.

These machines offer different experiences and some even more experiences than the other. Constantly bragging about sales numbers seems rather redundant. Especially when we have only last gen to truly compare anything to. When 27-30 month have gone by sales comparisons seem to only be a constant security bragging blanket. If PS is still dominating hoorah. Its never going to change the fact that some people just prefer it over the other. They are different companies and different machines.

Some people prefer android over apple. Some prefer ketchup to mustard. Now that I think of it holding a bottle of ketchup on the street corner of every newstand seems rather embarrassing.

Army_of_Darkness2184d ago

Different companies that are fighting for the same gamer/casual crowd which also for the most part offer the same 3rd party games. Only difference is the exclusives and controls. This is not apple to oranges we're comparing too here but rather green apples to red apples.
And who are we kidding, the xbone is not gonna ever catch up and make a comeback like how the ps3 did last gen. It doesn't take a magic ball to predict this gens outcome.

DLConspiracy2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

@army of darkness

Do you really ultimately care who "wins" though? If these companies start handing out trophies for the best/most bruised green or blue lips when its all said and done. Are you gonna proudly hold that trophy on high? I know I'm not.

The comments can post all the pictures they want of their successful free marketing of corporate blow jobbery. I will just be playing games.

MRMagoo1232184d ago

" I will just be playing games." Go play your games then instead of making a wall of text rant every time things aren't looking good for MS, for someone who cares so little about sales or res you seem to spend an awful lot of time defending MS or attacking PS fanboys.

I can say without a doubt, I care what sales the ps4 gets compared to the xbone, for one giant main reason mostly but a few others as well, the giant reason tho is the support from devs, I know that a good chunk of devs will put effort into the PS4 version compared to last gen where they didnt give a crap how a game turned out on PS3 when it was multiplatform.

PS4 will either get the better version or worst comes to worst they try to take it down to the xbones lvl and make them equal, I dont like parity (because its a known fact the ps4 can do more so devs are trying for parity on purpose) but its better than it being worse.

DLConspiracy2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


Proud of you. :) Thanks for adding to more useless information to me. Whatever will I do that MS a company I own no stock in or servitude for is doing so horrendously in? Maybe I will just go play some PS4, or Xbox One or even PC. Although my hands are starting to cramp because of all the time it takes to write a couple "walls" (sentences) of text online.

Next time you pick up a box of cereal. Don't waste your strength reading the back of the box. Its awful heavy reading and I wouldn't want you to pull a muscle. You sure do take all this far too seriously. I wish you great merit badges on your quest for independent corporate financial security.

Have a nice day feller. :)

Edit: sorry to try and add a little humor into the much needed landscape of these dismal yet important sales reports about boxes we will never be able to marry or sexually embrace.

SilentNegotiator2184d ago

People are glad to see their favorite system doing best because it represents things they like in the industry...that really a problem? You seem more perturbed than most of them seem glad.

indyman77772184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

@DLConspiracy, Last gen it was close from the start, it has not been this big a difference since PS1, and PS2.

What does does the sales matter? Are you kidding me you dont know? This is what matters. Forget about people abandoning the console in this case. But sales does tell you if a machine will get abandoned. But lets assume that will not happen to xbox this gen. The other reason sales matters is, DEVELOPERS AND PUBLISHERS decide which machine they will put there games on based on install base. Remember how has ps2 sold more than xbox(1) it had more than 3 to 1 ratio of games released on it(3,800 to compared to 999).

That's right it was not just the first party, and special deals that made games exclusive to PS2, but MUST of the games where by default exclusive to PS2!

If you where a publisher which would you develop your game on The one with 5 million machines to sell to(with launch bundles still available)? Or the one with 10 million machines to sell to? If there is a big lead like in the PS2 era, publishers will not bother trying to make it for a machine with an install base. And having to spend a lot of money just to get it to 720P or 900P.

Instead they will use that money on the sequel like they did for PS2.

Dont believe the xbox(1) had 999 games. And PS2 over 3,800 games.

DLConspiracy2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


Don't twist my words into your fanboy crap. Your whole purpose is to preach the gospel of Sony. Mine is about community.


I get the obvious points of why it would matter. But Why on earth are we as gamers living in sales charts?! Seriously. I would have been saying this last gen if I was around. So anyone else can save their fanboy comments for someone else. Why are people rallying behind corporations now? I may have a preference but some people online have completely lost their sense of humor online over this. Its become a job for them. Tirelessly pushing their winning console in peoples faces? Why on earth do people need to push a console that's doing spectacular to bury another one is also beyond me. Its like these people are paid. Yet they are not. I understand trust me, but when did we become slaves to these machines? Shouldn't it be the other way around.

I was just trying to poke fun and make a few points. Let me be the first to say people can disagree with me. I expect it because popularity rules this website. In fact I said almost the same thing paprika said word for word below. Yet because I said it. I get more disagrees. Hmmm wonder why? because I am not afraid to speak my mind in a sea of agreeers.

People call me fanboy or defender. I crack up when I hear it. What I am trying to say is so much more beyond fanboy. Its the mindset of people online. Its the community. "Can't laugh, must down vote or down bubble. Its my duty." Meanwhile these authors put out the same reports every week/month and the same comments come out like clock work making puppets of us all. Its all one big joke. Just poking fun at the strings. :)

SilentNegotiator2183d ago

It would be nice to see you actually respond to one of my comments someday, instead of just calling me a fanboy. I really would have liked to know why you think it's such a problem that people are happy that a system - that represents things that they like in the game industry - is doing well.

And don't tell someone with 9 bubbles that they aren't for the community; I got to where I am in this community because I'm a level headed gamer whose prime concern is the industry.

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Magicite2184d ago

WiiU and X1 are trying to survive, while PS4 is cruising on top of the charts.

DarXyde2184d ago

For future reference, you should probably be more conservative with your wording. "Raped"? Seriously, that's immature and inappropriate. I'll probably get disagrees for it, but really, for your own benefit, you should find better alternatives. Nails on a chalkboard even reading it.

On topic, given the Xbox 360 presence last generation, this is quite surprising. I wonder why though. Maybe people want a more powerful games console first with a great starting price or friends are already invested in PlayStation 4. Maybe the world won't forgive Microsoft just yet. I'm really curious to know what the big reason is. Whatever it might be, it's pretty interesting.

On a side note, I held an Xbox One controller in Target today. I like it a lot. PlayStation 4 still had a great controller though so that alone is a non factor.

Hardcore_gamerxbox2184d ago

Just to remind you Xbox 360 raped PS3 38 months in a row in usa

Tito082184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Yeah, while PS3 crushed it everywhere else for 8 years straight, this time? PS4 is crushing XBox One everywhere including your precious U.S.A., isn't that right?

Ryan7412184d ago

"Raped". Not the best use of the word, stay classy.

CoyoteHunter2184d ago

It's posts like this that truly make me ashamed to call myself a gamer alongside someone like you. The post has been voted by the community as 'well said' while making light of rape. Just disgusting.

kenshiro1002184d ago

Mentioning DRM killed the XB1 sales.

Well, good luck Microsoft. You'll need it.

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kalimero22185d ago

in US: 750k lead

in japan: 700k lead

in UK: 300 lead

in germany: 300k lead

this is before september when PS4 raped xbox one .

over 2 million gap in 4 countries

Kayant2185d ago

Some more -

France 2013

100k+ in 2 weeks

Xbox One:
50k in 3 weeks

Spain early this year -

5:1 ratio overall
15:1 for second week of December

MRMagoo1232184d ago

I agree kalimero but I would prefer you left the word "raped" out of it, there are plenty of words that could be chosen to describe the sales disparity for e.g Smashed, crushed, beaten and dominated.

Toiletsteak2185d ago

Why can't people just enjoy there consoles anymore why does it have to about which is better.... both consoles are great arguing about them is pointless it is all opinion based.

WeAreLegion2185d ago

Welcome to gaming. We used to argue about the Genesis and Super Nintendo, too.

KakashiHotake2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Not to this extent. It's just gotten downright sad. At 1st I thought the console war was kind of fun but now it's pathetic. The worse part about it is half the main culprits are grown people even in their 30's and 40's going back and forth over these machines like they have stocks invested in them. Microsoft and Sony are both large corporations in it to make money, period. The perception people have that one company is good and the other bad is just plain false.

Volkama2185d ago

it is not just gaming. You can witness grown men turn to violence discussing their favourite sports teams that they are no part of what-so-ever.

People without anything significant to focus their passion will direct it on the most trivial things. Especially if they're stupid.

Why o why2185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

Amiga vs Atari

Where there isn't a monopoly, there is conflict.

Now we are just more exposed to the conflict....luckily there is a beautiful kill switch when things get too annoying. Its involes 'not clicking' on things you find annoying....

Regardless of what vgc says I'll never see them as anything more than a guestimation site. Their practices have been questionable. Microsofts silence is more indicative of their current situation. Those who witnessed last gen know ms and their reps love to sing when they think they're winning. Remember how vocal greenberg was especially around npd hes on the side of milk cartons... (do you still do that out there?)

ThanatosDMC2185d ago

Volkama made a great point. Also, the winning side of the console war always has the greatest support with the amount of games it receives like during the years when the PS1 and PS2 dominated, the early life of 360 till kinect, and now the PS4.

mkis0072184d ago


Seems like you get it. People fight over everything. Android vs ios, iphone vs galaxy, my team vs your team, my player vs your player...nothing makes gaming any different from this.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Ah hell i chose genesis . Chose xbox over ps up untill 2 years ago now im for ps. Im an individual outa millions that are individuals as well. Few years i might grab a x1 and a wiiu. Does anyone give a shit? If you dont drop xb and come to sony ill fkn behead you . blasphemous

DLConspiracy2184d ago

Not me and I am actually old enough to remember. I can almost guarantee you the only people who really entertained the idea of arguing over one another was the companies themselves.

I had a Nintendo and my buddy down the street had a genesis. Want to know how we fought to the death about the situation? We brought the damn consoles to each others house and played on both. So much blood and hatred back then. *sarcasm*

Paprika2184d ago

Not like this lol. I used to say SNES was better.... mates would say no wayyyy Sega is! We all ended up playing sonic of Mario regardless lol!

Wh15ky2184d ago


I'm old enough to remember too, it was friendly banter between mates back then just like it's friendly banter BETWEEN MATES now.

The addition to todays gaming environment is the internet. Do you honestly think the trolls and fanboys you encounter here talk the same way to people that can see their face, if indeed they ever leave their mums basement long enough to come face to face with real people.

DLConspiracy2184d ago


I don't, seems different to me. People actually hang out in real life now? I thought they all just spit vitriol online about electronic devices.

I get your point but why even pretend online? Seems disconnected from real life if you ask me. Perhaps my sarcasm is a bit of an acquired taste online.

starchild2184d ago

And people have been killing each other in pointless wars for thousands of years too, but that doesn't make it right. One would hope that humanity would rise above that kind of nonsense.

indyman77772184d ago

@KakashiHotake Im over 50 years old, and I severely disagree with you about it not being to this extent.

Many people did not hang with you if you didn't have a
genesis, if you had a genesis. Or vise versa if you had or didnt have a Snes!

Back in my day it was so bad random fan boys would yell HATEFULLY how this blank sucks why are you buying that blank, right in the store, on a regular bases. It is much nicer on the modern print(internet) then it was on paper back then. You would be called the fa* word for having the opposing console game in your hand.

Now days I don't even try to hide what game I have in my hand, because I don't have to worry about what machine the fan boy next to me hates.

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ABizzel12185d ago (Edited 2185d ago )

It's not about which is better, and more people would enjoy their consoles and be happy if people like @Foehammer simply moved on and let it go.

I have all 3 consoles, a 3DS (actually a 2DS, but I plan on upgrading to the new model as I always do), a Vita, and a gaming PC.

All the platforms are enjoyable. However, when it comes to sales (excluding the PC), the PS4 is the run away success, and it is the more powerful of the 3 consoles.

Does that affect anyone with an Xbox One only, No. And they shouldn't be upset with Sony, the PS4, or PlayStation fans because of it. People like Foehammer are taking their fanboy anger out on the majority of the gaming community, because they decided to buy a PS4 over an XBO first. Who the flip cares what someone else spends THEIR money on.

I understand recommending the XBO, because it's still a good console, but stop coming in here preaching this same old tired mess, and spend more time enjoying your console.

I can't think of his name (I think it's Chirsoculus or something), but he's an Xbox fan and has a Sunset Overdrive avatar for his icon. If anything be more like him, he stays in XBO articles, and promotes the console when he can, never really attacking or saying anything about sales or the PS4.

I just told KWNS the same thing. The sooner you can move on, and get over it the more you can enjoy your console and games (I wouldn't be surprised if they're all the same person, or n4g troll account to get more comments in the sections).

The Xbox One is losing in sales, and is a weaker console than the PS4. Does that make it a bad console? No, so why should you care about anything else beyond that.

Even Nintendo fans on here have moved on, and simply don't care about the positioning of their console, because they're enjoying it (although I personally have some gripes with Nintendo).

If you don't like to see sales numbers, don't go in an article that literally has "sales" in the headline. If you don't like to see the same old trolls, go to their profile and click the ignore button. You only want to see Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo news, then only click on those tabs. These people love being miserable trolls, because there's so much you can do personally to make n4g a better place for you.


Not complaining about you, just pointing out the situation.


100% agree, many of these people are just stupid, and beyond help.

MRMagoo1232184d ago

If that isnt a well said I dont know what is. Every single point I have ever made in all the articles have been summed up in this one post.

If you are a xbone fan and dont wanna see the sad state of the xbone in sales read the above post it will change your life.

Imalwaysright2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Foehammer isn't able to move on just like the people reacting and replying to him aren't. It's a 2 way street that leads to never ending discussions that go nowhere.

Personally, I always believed that the PS4 would lead in sales as the Playstation brand is just more powerful than the Xbox brand and has proved it time and time again but I'm not going to impose my opinion on him because I know that he won't change his mind. I just don't bother and move on something that is particularly easy for me as I don't really care much about sales.

Lionalliance2185d ago

because there can be only one!

MakinBaconXD2184d ago

I really hate when people chime in with the typical "why can't we all just get along and own all consoles" to me what that translates to is "Please stop bashing my console(Xbox One mostly) of preference!". The unfortunate thing is buying the opposing console won't always change everyone's preference(Go look at the dipshit known as Nxtgen720 and you'll understand). Fanboyism isn't going away anytime soon.

IndoAssassin2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


Were you around during the start of last gen?

PS3 doom articles showing up every second. Gamers arguing over HD-DVD and Blu-Ray which had nothing to do with gaming. Xbox fanboys arguing over multi-plants being better on the 360. The arguments over which console had better exclusives.

People ridiculing each other non-stop. Last gen was a bloodbath on N4G. This Gen has its fanboy battles, but it's nowhere near as bad as last gen.

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Scatpants2185d ago

Don Mattrick's mind bogglingly shitty decisions pretty much ruined xbox1. Even after taking them all back they're having a hard time selling it. It doesn't help that its considerably weaker than PS4. Xbox1 is a big collection of bad choices. I still bought one because I want to play every good game but I prefer my PS4.

ramiuk12185d ago

they tried to force somethings on gamers,then lied to them,then changed there minds and tried to get gamers back onside.

but it isnt that easy once alot of trust has been lost imo.
infact i think it will take MS a good few years till its back to how it was.

MRMagoo1232184d ago

I have a feeling MS will make some more stuff ups along the way and they wont get a clean slate till next gen.

MAULxx2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

MS thought they had a lock down on the "hardcore" console players with the 360 so they went after the casuals/wii/everyone else hard. Problem was, they forgot their core base,started the big shoe horning of avatars & kinect (wii stuff) & stopped bringing exlusives. They didn't give a rat's turd about what their core audience wanted which was proven with the X Bone reveal. They lost a lot of love & gained a lot of hate. Beginning of 360 gen it was more like "By gamers, for gamers" with exclusives galore. By the end of the gen it became more of a 360+ Wii wannabe ran by bean counters. That's the way it seemed. It all came to a head at the Xbone reveal. It is what it is. They deserve every lost sale that have gotten. They got too big for their britches so to speak. They still are I think. They just somewhat hide it better now.

MAULxx2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

You summed up my thoughts about the Xbone console really well. I call it "the monstrosity" because that's what it is.
I'm not trying to steal anyone's enjoyment if they own one.
I personally am still disgusted with what it was & still is & have no desire, reason or need to have one. I know I chose right this gen no matter how the numbers come out. It is nice to see that others feel the same way & that the PS4 has & will have so much support from developers because of the numbers. PS4 is just my preference this gen & have no need to own both. My preference isn't set in stone either. My preference is changable. If Sony does something as stupid as MS did with the PS5 & MS offers me what I want then my preference may change. I preferred the 360 last gen but as time passed, MS & Sony made moves & changed al lot of stuff. I went from loving the 360 & playing it almost exclusively to playing more on my PS3 post NXE update. I have no brand loyalty. I do applaud Sony for offering me a console I desired & making some great moves & I still shun MS. I'm very happy with the PS4 but all I'm saying is things are always in flux. They can change in an instant or buy the start of the next generation.

Scatpants2183d ago

As soon as microsoft announced all of their insanely stupid choices at E3 that year, I preordered a PS4.