Inside Sim Racing shows 30 minutes of DriveClub gameplay with T300 rs Wheel

Presenting some live gameplay of DriveClub on the Playstation 4. Darin drives the Audi R8 and RUF CTR Clubsport offline with the Thrustmaster T300 RS for a half hour of unedited driving. DriveClub is the first title that is available on the PS4 that makes use of the T300 RS.
The AI in this video was tough compared to what we at ISR drove in our first three hours. It seems the Hyper / Super cars have much harder AI versus the Rookie and second tier of the “Tour”. Here we drove a few tour races in the Audi R8 and then ran the RUF CTR Clubsport in a time trial and a single race event as well.

DriveClub is going to be available exclusively for the Playstation 4 on October 7th.

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aksmashh2454d ago

Damn!! That's what u call a set up!!!

Looks like I'm gonna spend most my time in that cockpit view!!!

G20WLY2454d ago

Yeah, set up is very nice! Cockpit view seems the best for me too - dash cam seemed fun to watch, but awkward to drive with.

Anyone put off by the 30mins time - I'd watch the fist 10mins for sure. Guy does a good job of narrating and quality is good. After that he's playing with views and time trials which are fun to play, but not great viewing IMO.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2454d ago

No, after he named some of the cars (RUF being the last) he said "they definitely don't have the porsche license."

They have 38 cars in the pipeline for dlc though so maybe we'll get them and some american muscle.

nX2454d ago

If I'm not mistaken EA holds the video game license of Porsche and Turn10 made an exclusive deal to be the only one with a sublicense for Forza. I won't get my hopes up for Porsche in Driveclub but I also don't care, there are many more interesting cars out there anyway.

NaAsAr2454d ago

This game is looking good

Ka7be2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

DriveClub's AI are so aggressive! Reminds me of Motorstrom, That game had the best AI in a racing game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

LOL no it had the best rubber band effect though.

Not trying to dis Motorstorm, cuz it was my favorite racing franchise to come out of last gen but all too often I was nearly over taken near the finish line after being ahead for the whole race.

Driveclub's AI is actually really good though. They didn't add a rubber band effect (the guy in the video says they did but he's mistaken. The AI is just really aggressive.)

audiophile1012454d ago

Out of everything i loved about this video was this guys driving.

Yeah some will probably say he wasnt that great but considering that his hands stayed on the "9" and "3" position made me super happy to watch him

I get so tired of seeing these driving schools for like 16 yearr olds that all show them wrong hand placement. If they remembered where their hands are supposed to be and how to swerve instead of slam o the breaks there would be so many less accidents now a days

Now on to the game. This definitiely looks visually stunning, but its a shame there is no physical damage to the cars only visual. For a game that is aimed towards simulation that is a letdown.

Still looking forward to project C.A.R.S way more then this.