Will In-Game XMB Bring PSN Closer to Xbox Live?

It's tough to deny that Xbox Live is a more refined service than the PlayStation Network in its current state. It has been around for almost 6 years, so you'd expect a higher level of service, especially when you're paying $50 a year. But the PSN has been making strides to recover lost ground through numerous firmware updates.

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drunkpandas3797d ago

With in-game XMB and cross-game invites, there's not much on the gaming side of things that are very different between the two services. I'm sure both Sony and Microsoft will be debuting new features for their respective online platforms at E3 next month.

fiercescuba3797d ago

If PSN can make the trophies and XMB work, the gap between PS3 and Xbox 360 will be almost completely closed, if it has not been closed already.

Stryfeno13797d ago

MS will just add more features to keep it fresh. There's no dought they problable have something huge plan in the fall update.

solidt123797d ago

I actually think the video store is whats gonna bring PSN closer to Live. I want in-game media bar but after that we still won't have a video store. Either way I still prefer the PSN because it is free. There are other was to watch movies and I can listen to music on alot of other toys that i have while I play. We do have in-game music while we browse the web which is a good feature. As a matter of fact the only time I wanna listen to music while I play is when Im playing online and that is just some times. The in-game chat is what is needed.

jaysquared3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I certainly hope that PSN can match XBL so that M$ can either drop the price for gold or make it free.. Which I think will never happen because M$ will do something to justify that $50 year..

MicroDeath SoftStar3797d ago

To me thats all that matters and PSN seems to have a whole lot more of this going on . Ohh and its free , hmm well i guess MS can start giving out free gamer pic or something to look like its keeping up

Lifendz3797d ago

can't wait for it. And listening to the latest Podcase B3yond got me excited about the possibility of trophies.

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Silogon3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

I can tell you all this right now XMB isn't going to offer you in game music for your games or internet access, either. When you try to boot a song from the xmb in game and resume play it exits out of the player all together.

Trust me.


All I want is the option to change my ressolution while in game. That's it. I'll be 100% happy when that happens. Oh and they start tweaking the ps1 and ps2 upscaler again. I'd love to have a full screen fixed ratio like ps2 games are suppose to have. I have these absurd black bars on the sides of my screen and it pisses me off. If you make it normal then it stretches it out and looks like garbage.

ActionBastard3797d ago

You can already listen to your music and browse the web on the PS3. I'll trust you when you post accurate facts.

Nitrowolf23797d ago

does this guy even owns a PS3?
the PS3 can play music already.
trust you ya right

Ri0tSquad3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Custom Soundtracks/Trophies wouldn't work with older games unless it was patched. I'm guessing that means In-Game XMB supports Custom Soundtracks but requires patching with older games. So much for that patent. Here's the proof. This is a guy who owns a test unit so he would know.

I think changing a resolution while in-game is a possibility with PS2/1 games.

Aaron Greenberg3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

"When you get here, I'll be gone" a wise man once said.

When PSN reaches Live capabilities, Live will be on another level.

TheExecutive3797d ago

what level will that be? what will the new features be?

Once in-game xmb debuts (probably at E3) the PSN will have all the core/important gaming features of xbox live PLUS dedicated servers.

cr33ping_death3797d ago

if they wanted to evolve xbox live they would have done it by now, why let sony catch up? what can they possibly do to make LIVE more than it is now?

ActionBastard3797d ago

Still waiting for the Dashboard update huh? Hate to break it to you, but they've run out of ideas.

meepmoopmeep3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

i think that old wise man was sony and they were referring to dominating the 2 generations in a row... maybe a 3rd time.

true though, only way they'll get there is if sony was gone.

juuken3797d ago

What level would that be exactly? You know, I've noticed that MS has something on the 360 such as XBL, Sony tends to do it ten times better. Plus it's free.

cool83797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Sony releases this way far fetched idea at e3, that xbox live doesn't have, I'm sure Sony will succeed in matching and or go beyond xbox live.Like the ps3 slogan says "Play B3yond"

and that's what Sony is doing.

Good job Sony!

-Maverick-3797d ago

Playstation Home will relaly be what sets apart from the girls.

Bubble Buddy3796d ago

a wise man also said:

"Never pay $60 a year for something that should be free."

ThanatosDMC3796d ago

And then Home comes out... I wouldnt know what to do anymore.

I'll be the one sitting on those Chess tables waiting for a challenge!

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perseus3797d ago

I don't know why everyone cares so much about listening to music and talking to their friends. When I'm online, I just want to play. I don't want to chat with someone playing a different game.

drunkpandas3797d ago

I personally don't care about custom soundtracks through the dash. In-game ones that replace background music is okay sometimes. For chat, I'm not going to use any voice chat during a game outside of online lobbies, but I do want the ability to check and send messages and cross game invites without having to back out of the game completely or go through some confusing menu in the game.

Bigrhyno3797d ago

Custom soundtracks are pointless to me. Even if they are implemented, I won't use them. In game chat is just a bonus for me. Everyone I play with on PS3 is on aim at the same time (or we are on skype). I would use the feature sometimes though.

TheExecutive3797d ago

you guys wont use them for racing games like motorstorm! c'mon!

perseus3797d ago

I don't have Motorstorm, but I do understand your point. I might use it for GT5, but I like the sound of the cars. It's soothing. I guess I'm just one of the few that don't care.

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LiquifiedArt3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

1) Voice Messages (5s-10s)


I need bubbles. I mean damn. Support a fellow ps3 fan guys.I give bubbles freely.

Veryangryxbot3797d ago

But all that will change with the imminent release of HOME.

Once HOME is here, PSN is infinitely better than LIVE. Its not even funny how superior PSN will be.