PS3 tops Japanese hardware sales

The PlayStation Portable further cemented Sony's hold over hardware sales with 64,675 units sold, which was followed by the Nintendo Wii at 45,564 units.

The Nintendo DS sold 39,201 units, with the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 trailing behind on just 7297 units and 2163 units respectively.

The full breakdown is as follows:

1. PlayStation 3: 75,311
2. PlayStation Portable: 64,675
3. Nintendo Wii: 45,564
4. Nintendo DS: 39,201
5. PlayStation 2: 7297
6. Xbox 360: 2163

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Silogon3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Xbox 360 "JUST" trailing 7000+ consoles hahahaah to the PS2 no less. What a joke. They never say PS3, "JUST" trailing the xbox 360 in America by 8000 units.

Bias much?

chewy3173869d ago

and the xbots were saying mgs4 failed =0

Pornlord3869d ago

Well, if PS3 was doing as bad as the 360 is, sure they would say something about it. And it's a little different when you're trailing 7000 units but you sold 200,000 units to begin with. But 2100 units... that's sad... really sad.

Drekken3869d ago

This game did for console sales what GTA4 could not.

look at the increase. AMAZING.

AllroundGamer3869d ago

that's probably because GTA4 isn't a masterpiece like MGS4 but only a simple GTA datadisc without any innovation...

Drekken3869d ago

True, it isnt... but the way it was hyped and the reviews it received you would of thought it could have.

pimpstation3869d ago

Bbbbbut bbbut but but... I thought MGS4 wouldn't sell any PS3s! That's what themart/POG told me! How could they be wrong?

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cloud3603869d ago

What would happen when FF13 is rialsed

man i hate FF now. Why is it not turn based

kingOVsticks3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

All of japan will be calling in sick at the same time 0.0 Actually I think there's a law in japan that bans games like dragon quest to be released on a week day because so many people call in sick I think this will happen for FF13 also

INehalemEXI3869d ago

I am looking forward to FF13 am sure it will be a kin to MGS4 in terms of such high quality. We will get Versus to help with Withdraws after FF13 is beat too.

Lifendz3869d ago

Sony must be happy. Should send Kojima a bouqet of roses.

juuken3869d ago

And why would you hate FFXIII? That rpg's gonna rock HARD.
I cannot wait for it.

HardcoreGamer3868d ago

i love ff, but heck ff12 stank big time, i seriously tried on that game, i gave up after hitting 50hours ont that game, just couldnt carry it on , the boredom, i need a ff fix, so i just started playin rogue galaxy, and wow, love it,

i hope they go back to turn based,

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PSWe603869d ago

is buying a 3rd60? Retarded people? That whole country is cutting edge.

I guess the 3rd60 is good for a laugh

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3869d ago

Maybe they lack Comedy shows in Japan, so they buy a xBox 360 and all the Family sit in their living room pointing at it LAUGHING!!! ;-D

1. PlayStation 3: 75,311 ;-P

2. PlayStation Portable: 64,675 ;-P

5. PlayStation 2: 7297 ;-P

6. Xbox 360: 2163 ;-D ;-D ;-D

gerol3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

what a shame for shane kim that ps2 still outsold xbox360 in japan... thats too bad..

Lifendz3869d ago

I hope when PS4 launches you guys don't doubt the system as much as you did PS3. It's really getting old telling you guys "this is Sony and it's only a matter of time before they reclaim their top spot."

cloudkillerffvii3869d ago

...but this was only for a week. How many weeks has the PS3 been out? ...and it was only on top when MGS4 came out... for one week?

Your gonna have to see something more substantial to make a call like that

Lifendz3869d ago

I don't have to wait at all. Look at the competitions' numbers. And when I say competition I'm not talking Wii because the Wii is in a category by itself (whether you take that as a good thing or a bad thing is on you).

MK_Red3869d ago

Good news. Hopefully MGS4's effect can last. PSP and PS3 topping the charts. Hell yeah!