PALGN: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise Preview

PALGN writes: "Ever since Microsoft purchased Rare there have plenty of debates about whether the company has changed for the better or worse. Without jumping into this debate, Rare's best game in recent times was Viva Piñata, which was reviewed incredibly well, but didn't exactly set the sales charts on fire. A year later Krome Studios tried their hand at a mini game compilation, which was quite simply, very poor. The Viva Pinata franchise lives on though, with Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise. We were lucky enough to get an Australian first hands on with the Nintendo DS game, so how is it shaping up?

The premise for the Nintendo DS version of Viva Piñata is identical to the Xbox 360 game. In Pocket Paradise players take control of a garden. The garden starts out as a small piece of land with rubble and old rubbish and the objective is to try and spruce the garden up. As you spruce the garden up you'll attract pinatas, who may even decide to live in your garden. Just having a few pinatas in your garden isn't the objective though, you'll want to keep them happy, breed them and keep the garden safe from evil predators. Viva Piñata features a remarkable premise and is a game that quickly becomes an addiction. The beauty of Viva Piñata is that everyone's garden will look different and with so many pinatas up for grabs most people will want to keep working on their garden."

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