Atari's Review score controversy over Alone in the Dark wrote: "I don't know if you can call Phil Harrison a failure, so early into his tenure with Infogrames, now known as Atari, or is it the other way around? In any event, it looks like that Harrison has whatever you would call the exact opposite of the Midas Touch, as Atari's lone foray into next gen gaming, Alone in the Dark, appears to be a miserable failure.

Not only does Alone in the Dark appear to be a huge failure, but now Atari is threatening to sue anybody that posts a poor review of the game. Check out the sordid details, after the jump..."

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creepypete3774d ago

I am very curious to see how you guys reviewed this gens worst game "Vampire Rain", which IMHO deserves about a 3/10. .........This game CAN"T possibly be as bad as you say it is and you should be FIRED for having such harsh words to describe any game. Do you know how many peoples lives this could affect? Let alone a struggling company that can't afford this type of publicity. . . It is and has been an unwritten LAW that even if the game blows chunks, you hover around the 5/10 and 6/10 mark, and then let your WORDS do the talking. YOU should be blackballed for breaking that unwritten law. Along with Vampire Rain, I am gonna check your reviews of Haze and Lair, the other 2 worst next gen. efforts to see if the reviews are comparable.

chaosatom3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

must be on the wii on something.

Can anybody belive any score after GTAIV MASSIVE 10 giveaways?