Nyko's Zero Wireless Controller for PS3 Has Number One Potential

Gamedaily writes: Nyko's Zero Wireless controller seems like the result of a company seriously listening to gamers. Inside the $59.99 package is the controller, a rechargeable NiMH battery, an additional battery pack for two AA batteries, a 10-foot hot red USB cable and a USB wireless receiver.

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NO_PUDding3825d ago

It's Gamedaily which is the one and only site I ignore.

Chris Buffa, can't write crap and get away with it.

sonarus3824d ago

lol a Ps3 controller shaped like a 360 controller. Its nice for gamers who like the 360 controller but i am perfectly fine with mine thanks. It really makes no sense to me how someone can chose inbuilt rechargeable batteries with a controller that isn't inbuilt. Its like people love replacing their batteries.

If it bothers you that much get a longer usb cable they can't be more than 10bucks and they are guaranteed cheaper than buying more AA batteries or even buying rechargeable AA batteries. This isn't much of a surprise though. Offcourse gamedaily wante the 360 controller on the PS3 after all 360 is greatest console of all time only natural that PS3 should have greatest controller too. What a load of crap

Wildarmsjecht3825d ago

that...controller looks just like the original Xbox controller..which was dubbed "Big Bertha" after resulting in serious hand cramps the likes of which Carpal Tunnel has say in. No thx.

JOLLY13824d ago

It was dubbed the duke.

Wildarmsjecht3824d ago

You can call it the duke or w.e I called it big bertha cause it just felt big, clunky, and disgusting. Duke makes it seem as if it was some sort of royalty...which it wasnt. But hey, we can name it w/e, still a bad controller.

SickNick853825d ago

why nyko's pad isn't arrive in europe???

i try to search this pad for 6 months but no one find it...

LevDog3824d ago

Why would you pay 60 bucks for a knock off, When you can spend 60 bucks on DS3? I understand that Europe doesnt have it yet, but you can always order online and have it shipped to you for like 5 extra bucks..

No blu tooth haha weak.. That means if you own a 40 gig, one of your USB slots would be taken up by a controller????? Umm Gay

PoSTedUP3824d ago

looks to big and clumsy for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.