First day sales in Japan - Super Mario Stadium

First day sales in Japan have been released for three games. Super Mario Stadium was just released in Japan, and seems to have flopped considering it is a Mario game.

- Super Robot Wars A Portable (PSP) - 53k (50%)
- Super Mario Statium (Wii) - 27k (20%)
- ?????????4 / "Far Out in Space-Time 4? (Wii, PS2) - 26k (Wii: < 1k)

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wolfehound223825d ago

Wow thats a surprise. Game must be horrible. Anything mario usually sells like hot cakes

ChickeyCantor3825d ago

you first need to play it before you can call it horrible, so no that isnt the reason.

Condoleezza Rice3825d ago

Definitely surprised at the low numbers for the Mario game,I wonder if it had a lot of Marketing?

Wildarmsjecht3825d ago

Maybe they're realizing the milking of mario.

Panthers3825d ago

Just took them 10 years...

LevDog3825d ago

Maybe the consumer is finally realizing that Wii makes more horrible games than you can shake a "wiimote" at..

Whoooop3825d ago

Is Nintendo trying to break some kind of record with releasing as much Mario games as they can in 2 years??

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