Wii Cable Comparison

Gamespot broke out a separate section for more component-versus-composite cable-comparison shots since we wanted to show how the image-quality difference affects different games. High-detail games like Twilight Princess will get the most benefit from component cables, but you can get away with using composite cables in games with more simple graphics. Mouse over the default composite cable image to see the component cable version.

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ChickeyCantor4438d ago

i dont have HDtv but do have a 16:9 widescreen from sony ( yess sony - _ -XD) i dont have the need to get a HD tv.....used to it for years anyway.

MadMax4438d ago

Yea, you can say whatever you want about PS3 and the 360 when it comes to graphics. I am a graphics whoare myself. When it comes right down to gameplay and something completely new and futuristic with the whole new motion sensor controller, that is next gen gaming as far as im concerned. Graphics in games can only get so much better but I think Nintendo has really done something new and amazing here. People should in no way overlook the Wii. I have been gaming since the Atari days and Ive seen games come a hell of a long way since then. Graphics in games these days are getting intense, GOW has got to be the most realistic game there is, I find it pretty funny when people will bash this game because they are too stubborn or too much of a fanboy. I think the same kind of people are the ones not giving the Wii a chance as well. I think the real true gamers that have had lots of experience with games after all these years will be able to understand where im coming from.

ImpossibleFFS4436d ago

I'll never had the money to get the XBOX 360 till now but, the primary priority of big entertainment investment is Wii. So XBOX 360 and GOW get to wait a lesser eternity. Now let's see if I need a better cable or not when Wii comes to Sweden.