The Witcher 3 may not live up to its PR-fueled vision

The Witcher 3 is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2015. If you even remotely consider yourself a fan of RPGs, chances are that the game’s been on your radar for quite some time now. It’s disappointing, then, to hear of the possibility that it may not live up to CD Projekt Red’s vision and, ultimately, the expectations of fans.

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annoyedgamer2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

What sneaky ploy is this? And why is EA's name mentioned in here (even if in a negative light)?

And why is CD Project Red the one who is accused of making "PR" hype? Everything they have shown was phenomenal and the game has been delayed countless times for quality assurance.

Remind me again which who is spamming N4G with multiple mundane PR pieces about Dragon Age again? Thats right good ole EA.

The only thing missing from this fishy Neogaf nonsense is a message saying dump the Witcher and buy Dragon Age.

allgamespc20122492d ago

well said man. CDPR has proven themselves and have always delivered on what they have promised, dont see this being any different.

Ezz20132492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

i'm not even a Witcher 1/2 fan
but from what i have seen from the first Witcher 3 gameplay trailer
man I can't wait to play it
it's one of the most wanted 2015 games for me

internationterrorist2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

The Witcher 2 was a incredible game. If The Witcher 3 builds on already great game like The Witcher 2. With more quest ,bigger open world, more enemies and more weapons then The Witcher 3 will be better than its predecessor. The Division and The Witcher 3 are my two most wanted games.

Kumomeme2491d ago

i only hope that they fix the combat..lot of people address the issue regarding this

AndrewLB2491d ago

My thoughts exactly. CD Projekt Red is one of the few game developers that's pulled off GOTY quality work while still maintaining an untarnished record. I can see why the a$$clowns at Electronic Arts and Bioware would try and run interference in the coming months since it's obvious Dragon Age 3 isn't even in the same league as The Witcher 3.
The thing is, such petty tactics are going to do more harm to DA3 sales than whatever help they think it will do. Anyone who is looking forward to the Witcher 3 is doing so because CDPR has been open and honest with their fans and doesn't put out all kinds of deceptive marketing like EA is known for. All CDPR has done marketing wise is show off actual game footage in the highest quality possible and let that speak for itself. They don't publish a bunch of bullshots while hiding actual gameplay footage in order to maximize preorders because it always causes an uproar when people realize they were deceived.

If anyone has even the slightest bit of doubt regarding the quality of The Witcher 3, download this video:

BE WARNED! This video is MASSIVE. It's 37 minutes long, 1080p/60fps, with a bitrate of 20Mb/s... weighing in at about 5 gigabytes. The server is super fast though, I managed to maintain a solid 27Mb/s download speed.

Seriously though... can you guys name any other developer that release gameplay video of this high quality? I can't. With most developers, we're lucky to get some crappy compressed youtube video that has been compressed down to 200mb.

I personally will no longer preorder any game unless the dev puts out gameplay like this because of how dishonest many of them have become. I suggest you all do the same since it's the only way to keep them honest.

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tlougotg2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Yeah man as informed gamers we should know that more often than not the pubs are to blame for over hype, rushing devs to push unfinished games out or incomplete, etc.... I feel bad for alot of devs because instead of working on their own vision and pace, they deal with avarice publisher just worried bout rushing a game and milking it.

Witcher 3 however seems like ts shaping up well. Man my game lineup from now and into 2015 is going to be serious.....

Witcher 3
Samurai Warriors 4
Dragon Age
COD Advanced (yeah been boycotting them but i like how this one looks)
Evil Within
The Order
Arkham Knight

And others

Kumomeme2491d ago

dont forget metal gear solid v

AndrewLB2491d ago

"Yeah man as informed gamers we should know that more often than not the pubs are to blame for over hype, rushing devs to push unfinished games out or incomplete, etc.... I feel bad for alot of devs because instead of working on their own vision and pace, they deal with avarice publisher just worried bout rushing a game and milking it. "

*cough* Mass Effect 3 *cough*

EA imposed deadlines to impact Q1 earnings coupled with a developer (Bioware) who didn't have the balls to tell EA "it's not done yet" and ended up f**king up one of the greatest video game francheises in gaming history...

I still feel so betrayed having spent so many hours meticulously playing through ME1 and ME2 so everything was "perfect" with my decisions... only to have all that work mean nothing. A, B, or C... make your choice sucker! I'd seriously backhand Casey Hudson if I ever had the chance to meet him.

AngelicIceDiamond2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I SWEAR if Witcher doesn't deliver...

I have a hard time believing Ubisoft's PR on The Division's. Especially after watching this.

After watching this I promise you they stole Bungies PR notes from Destiny. "End Game content will be rich" "Its not exactly an MMO but a shared world.

Not exactly those words but I'm paraphrasing. I advise everyone to not get on that Division hype train no matter how bad MS and Ubi wants to hype it. (Reminiscent of how Sony and Bungies hyped Destiny.)

Now I REALLY hope Witcher 3 doens't suffer the infamous hype train lead down the rail of disappointment.

But Witcher looks veeerry promising so I have a hard time seeing any major downgrades or mislead promises from this particular game.

I'm just being very cautious because AAA's on the newer console's don't exactly have a good track record. Other than Sony and MS's exclusives which means there's still hope for that next gen delivery.

Ezz20132492d ago

the best way to avoid disappointment
is to do the best you can not to follow any more articles or previews or videos about games you want soo bad

i always only watch the first offical gameplay video just to see what the gameplay look like and after that
It's media blackout time for me

AngelicIceDiamond2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

@EZ I agree but unfortunately media is nearly forcing us to look at these games.

It will be shoved down our throats rather we like it or not especially if they attached themselves to either Sony or MS. A black out is the best way but its getting more difficult.

Like I tried my best to avoid Destiny vids, previews general showcases but they insisted either through email, Facebook, on here IGN obviously anywhere to the point I was annoyed. And through my annoyance I bought it to see what the deal was.

very fun game but With MAJOR problems obviously. As for The Division, I'm still buying it I'm not hyping it. I expect to along the lines of Destiny or Watch Dogs.

Its amazing pubs and devs are throwing half their money at marketing and hype more than the game itself.

ScottyHoss2492d ago

A friend of mine did it for destiny, just as you did, avoided any media of it like the plague, and he said it was easier than he thought it would be. It's pretty easy to avoid hype, it's not being shoved down your throat. You just don't click on articles about the game you're avoiding, as titles don't carry much on features they promise then go back on (unless it's post launch).

Kumomeme2491d ago

it important to not put too much hype...too much hype could kill the game..even if the game was good,but because too much expectation fan will cry over a lot of things

however incase with ubisoft where they had dissapoint fans with watch dog and other issues like bad port,so dont put too much hype in them
ubisoft does great job for fake advertising by the way

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joab7772492d ago

I do believe it was delayed to avoid competition and to allow more systems to be sold, but I don't care.

They are awesome and this may b the first game to live up to the hype. Though hopefully dragon age does.

ThePope2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I don't know why EA would try and do any negative PR against CDPR, or The Witcher. Its not like the market is saturated with fantasy RPG's. There is plenty of room for both to exist.

On top of that Dragon Age is poised to be fantastic. If it delivers no one is going to say "well I was going to buy but with The Witcher coming out in 4 months I'll pass"


I disagree with you completely. This is Bioware we're talking about. They are oONE of the best developers of all time. That continues even under the EA umbrella.

At the risk of my comment getting flagged for trolling like I did in another article. Let me say this, the game is said to be 100 hours long...for $60. ThaThat means you pay 6 cents for every hour you play if you play all 100 hours. Name ONE other type of entertainment that can claim the same thing. SO if you don't want them to sell DLC they are going to need to sell the game for $70-80. Are you ok with that? No, ok be quiet about DLC. These companies have to make money.

To all those reading this thinking about how well the industry is doing, if new consoles wouldnt have launched last year the market, we would have seen the 6th straight year of decline.


annoyedgamer2492d ago

DA 3 is not going to very good already EA is selling cut content DLC. EA also has a track record of creating controversy to sell their less than perfect games Battlefield and Medal of Honor are prime examples.

solar2492d ago

this is just a stupid response to how much Destiny was hyped and fell on its face.

elninels2492d ago

I agree.

I believe a lot of the witcher hype stems from playing the previous witcher games.

I will probably buy any game these guys make because they respect their audience, but still follow their own vision.

My hype for cyberpunk 2077 is absolutely huge just because of this dev team. And the title.

gear2491d ago

You are right!!
I will never trust BIOWARE....
The WITCHER will be super duper hit due to following reasons:
2.real time(better than metal gear like animals or towns will be destoryed without geralt interfering based on time)
3.geralt will becomes an old man in this game
4.lots of choices to choose and the result will lead to painfull ends that you choose
5.lots of whore's to fuck especially yenneffer,triss and i hope ciri too(for she is not geralt original daugther )

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DarkOcelet2492d ago

Well here is the thing , when i delve into a game , i expect nothing and thats how i am never disappointed in a game :) . Rarely do i hype myself to a game but here is some games i know will not disappoint because their devs make sure we get the best experience possible .
The Witcher 3
Arkham Knight
Uncharted 4
Halo 5
Quantum Break
The Order 1886
Believe me when i say none of those games will score less than 8 .

Darkwatchman2492d ago

All of those games could easily disappoint. Yes, it's less likely that a trusted developer will screw up, but even the best developers make disappointments, so you're never going to be free from disappointment as long as hype and expectations exist.

Gatsu2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

No not all of them could easily disappoint, some of them are from very trusted developers who always make amazing games. Like Uncharted 4 or MGSV. Kojima has made every MGS awesome since 1998 so he won't disappoint fans. It's just something I know.

Also Witcher 1 and 2 were epic, so I have high hopes for Witcher 3 too. I only super hype games I know will be good, for example I didn't hype Watch Dogs or Destiny which I'm glad for.

elninels2492d ago

Bigboss is right.
Mgsv, uncharted 4, Halo 5, the witcher 3, and bloodborne are locks for 8s and above and good sales.

Not all of those games may appeal to all of us, but they will all undoubtedly do what they do well.

Arkham knight is playing with fire with this weird tank batmobile battle stuff. But it will probably shine. Just won't say definitely.

Ffxv, I believe, will be brilliant. However its fanbase is incredibly fraught with infighting and can never be fully slated.

The order appears to be basic gameplay while its main appeal is its story and graphical fidelity. Its development team is just getting their feet wet in the home box bussiness. Not a guarenteed success.

Quantum break always has something "interesting" going on. Not always good, not always bad, but oh so interesting. Can't guarantee it.

starchild2492d ago

I agree with you about not hyping yourself up for games. That's the right way to do it in my opinion.

That said, I don't think we can say for sure that none of those games will score lower than an 8. (I'm guessing you are talking about metacritic average rather than a single 8, which would be even more unlikely).

solar2492d ago

the only games anyone should be hyped for is Valve or CD Project games. Only two developers that never seem to disappoint.

King_of_Nothing2492d ago

Well, FFXV is already a disappointment so...

internationterrorist2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I don't undrstand all the belly aching over FFXV . FFXV looks awesome to me. I don't like RPG in modern settings. I like my RPGS in medieval fantasies universes. But FFXV is the first Final Fantasy game I'm going to play since final Fantasy 9. I like the new combat systems. I'm tired of turn based. FFXV looks like a great action RPG.

[email protected]

Just because Destiny flopped doesn't mean that The Division will. I'm looking forward to The Division and The Witcher 3. People complain about the lack of story and the same repeating gameplay and repetitive quest in Destiny. I heard all the missions are the same in Destiny . I heard it's a giant Horde mode game. You keep fighting ways of enemies while the robot does some meaningless task.

[email protected]

The Odrer looks awesome. But ready at Dawn is not helping by showing the same demo over and over again. They should but out a new demo that's more game play less cinematics.

King_of_Nothing2489d ago

If youre tired of turn based rpgs there are plenty of other action rpgs for you to play. Why change the roots of a franchise for the sake of mass appeal and in turn alientating the games core players (the ones that FF owes its success to)?

Oh and the Division is already stacking up to be a monumental turd, so have fun with that. Then again, you probably will have fun with it, given your preference for turd games a la FF XV.

Spinal2492d ago

The order 1886 is already getting bad previews. It's clearly graphics over gameplay.

That game is gonna fall flat on its face. And I'm a ps4 owner.

comebackkid98912492d ago

As a ps4 owner initially hyped for it you're absolutely correct.

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Ghost_Nappa2492d ago

I believed in Bungie. I now regret that.

elninels2492d ago

They put forth a vision they couldn't they couldn't fulfill.

They should have gone the titanfall route. Hear me out.

By that I mean they could've put their time into making another truly great competitive multiplayer game. Instead they made a shoddy mmo with shoddy pvp.

I love the halo campaigns, but my friends and I poured hours upon hours into deathmatch and team deathmatch.

No classes or load outs or any other bull. Everybody starts even.

tablecloth2492d ago

Does he mean like The Witcher 3: enhanced edition?

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