Microsoft may do more with Xbox Live Avatars on Xbox One

Xbox Live Avatars may be an increasingly endangered species, tucked into the back of the Xbox One's interface rather than displayed proudly on the dashboard, as is the case on Xbox 360, but they aren't out for the count just yet. Speaking to OXM at Gamescom, Microsoft's Albert Penello hinted that ideas for additional Avatar functionality are "on the list".

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colt-of-tipton3478d ago

I may be in the minority but I absolutely hate avatars it just seemed like ms was trying to attract some of the wii customers at the time , but im personally glad there tucked away behind menu's of the XONE but that's just me.

guitarded773478d ago

I think they're an interesting personification of one's online ID. I like having the option of designing my own character in and out of games. Kinda wish Nintendo would update their Mii options... there is so much they could do with all the licensed material they have.

Yi-Long3478d ago

I really liked the avatars on 360. I thought they had a very nice design.

I just wish they had done so much more with them. It always seemed liked missed potential to me. They could have used them much better when it comes to having their own games, and having a much bigger reward system with the games you bought (buy the game, get avatar-rewards. Some games did do that, but not enough).

Instead, they were mostly used to sell virtual costumes and implementing them into (mostly) Kinect titles.

theindiearmy3478d ago

They showed up on the Xbox One dashboard mockup that was in the Windows 10 "family" image. So I wouldn't be surprised if they have more of a presence soon.

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namEuser3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Yeah, I agree with the first commentor. I have my Nintendo Mii, wouldn't really care about having one on Xbox...

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poppinslops3478d ago

They should make some mini-games for our avatars.

They could create a hub world where everybody meets, and have interchangable activities scattered about the place...
Such as...
• Battles
• Races
• Fishing
• Golf
• Poker

Maybe a democratic rewards system, where players vote for each other?
It'd be a great way to build up a friends list...

gootimes3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

It was called Home, and it went downhill. Better luck to Microsoft if they go for it.

poppinslops3478d ago

Hmmm... I did not know that.

I suppose players would need incentive...
Perhaps if there were prizes, like Xbox Live subscriptions, avatar items and themes?

gootimes3478d ago

I honestly liked the idea of it, it just wasn't implemented well enough to make people want to use it a lot...

Incentives would work, the live subscription one would be huge. I wish there was something like that where friends could meet up and hang out that was well designed and worked. I hope someone is successful with it on consoles.

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Could Xbox Soon Become The Next Dreamcast?

Microsoft's future in the video game space is murky right now, so let's break it all down.

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ApocalypseShadow10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Not anytime soon. But they're on that path.

One thing not mentioned in the article is Microsoft's money bags. If Sega had Microsoft's money, they would have still been around as a hardware manufacturer. Xbox as a platform only survives because of the money bags. They can continue making consoles for the core and port to PC.

The multiplatform strategy is only the result of arrogance and misguided leadership that blew up in their face. They thought gamers would jump on Xbox in droves if they knew that many of their favorite games would be only on Xbox. But that's not happening at all. Sales didn't increase. They decreased. Why? Because the dumb asses thought giving away these expensively made games in a cheap service would also turn the tide.

Gamers on other platforms are willing to buy quality. They don't need to be handed nearly free games in a service that aren't even finished and sometimes average in their development. Gamers buy Nintendo games. They buy Sony games. Microsoft groomed their base to not buy games. Even the quality ones. It has always been their plan to go digital. But most gamers still like single player gaming. Still like physical releases.

Microsoft's problem has always been that they don't produce high quality games at the same output as Nintendo and Sony. Actually, they should be producing quite a lot more because they're worth over 2 TRILLION. How they don't have more is ridiculous and no excuse. Buying publishers to take away from competition only backfired. Because it still takes millions of dollars to continue to make those games from the publishers they snatched. Their only choice was to crawl back to their competitors to help sustain those developers because Nintendo and Sony platforms were the ones buying games.

Am I sorry for Microsoft? Hell no! They deserved last place for putting in the least effort. They deserved the fallout for buying up the industry and didn't make a single blip on the radar against their competitors where they now need those same gamers they took away games from to support them. Part of it may have been to cash in on their competition. But the result is the slow death of their platform. They may go 3rd party. They may keep making hardware. I don't give a shit about them to worry about it. I only give a shit about the destructive nature of their industry moves that only negatively affect gamers. They could sell and drop out of the industry and I wouldn't blink. Probably laugh. But not blink. They deserve whatever comes to them. At least Sega put in the effort when it came to games. They just had poor leadership. Microsoft has poor leadership and barely makes memorable games. That's a killer combination. And not in a good way.

Cacabunga10d ago

That would be an insult to Dreamcast.. it had a crazy line up of legendary critically acclaimed games.

Crows9010d ago

I was thinking the same. Dreamcast had incredible games in such a short amount of time. It was truly exceptional.

darthv729d ago

...and yet all those great games were not enough to sway people from the looming release of the PS2 at the time. Sony just has that kind of brand loyalty.

Cacabunga9d ago


I do not agree.. Sony had even better games thanks to an unprecedented 3rd party support..
DC had amazing lineup but 90% were arcade games..

8839d ago

And Sony showed off "The Emotion Engine" and their real time demos that made everyone think they would miss out on REAL next gen 128bit magic if they jumped in before PS2s polygon pushing monster (and early lack of anti-aliasing with a healthy heap of shimmer + DVD playback) stepped up. PS2 was a fantastic system though with amazing games.

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blacktiger10d ago

That's not true. Just because Microsoft has the money doesn't mean Microsoft can allow xbox to bleed entire Microsoft money. It doesn't work like they. Also SEC will be watching and investor won't allow it. Lot of reasons why Microsoft can not continue even if they wanted to. SEC regulations is expensive.