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The Last Tinker Xbox One Version has been Cancelled

Mimimi Productions have announced via a tweet that development for the Xbox One version of The Last Tinker has stopped. This is due to poor sales of the PlayStation 4 version which released back in August. This is sad news for any Xbox One owners who were looking to play the vibrant and colourful platformer.

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Community1566d ago
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ToneDeezy1566d ago

I hate to hear about any indie title doing poorly :( That's too bad.

Genuine-User1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Poor games deserve poor sales.
if you told me this game was a HD version of some crappy old game, I would believe you.
Also, the frame rate is absolutely horrendous.

wheresmymonkey1566d ago

True, but the last tinker is one of the best indie games on ps4

bouzebbal1566d ago

maybe they should start by releasing a demo on PS4. i never heard of this game but i try all demos available.

TedCruzsTaint1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Because so many old games had properly working free-flowing traversal mechanics, a proper camera and visuals that would hold up as a proper animated movie.
Don't blame the game for the crap port, because the game performs well on PC with my two year old 680 and i5, and the game itself, while nothing mind-blowing, is a rather solid action/platformer. Held back by the fact that, while it has a thought out combat system, combat can almost entirely be boiled down to spamming the attack button and succeeding.

That said, if that was the state of the port, they are getting what they deserve with the sales of it.

Hands Up For Games1566d ago

The way in which both the PS4 and Xbox One are stealth releasing these Indie titles, the chances of this happening again are only going to increase.

What was wrong with a new game out every Wednesday and sometimes a Friday? I don't even know how many games have been released across both platforms in the last few weeks, I doubt most people would . . . .

They both need to sort this out or else it will be the devs and ultimately us gamers who lose out.

uth111566d ago

True, while browsing the ps4 store this week i found games released in the past few weeks that i had never heard about or seen a release date for. With the flood of games this fall, they are bound to get lost

danowat1566d ago

"The way in which both the PS4 and Xbox One are stealth releasing these Indie titles, the chances of this happening again are only going to increase. "

Indie devs were screaming for self publication, now they have it, it's down to them to publicize and promote their games, and determine when they are released.

If they don't do this, then it's their fault if no one knows about their games, it's not up to the platform to promote indie titles anymore.

Volkama1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

But the platform holder can provide the environment to give them a chance.

I don't have a PS4 yet, how are self published games listed and discovered?

danowat1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

They are promoted, at least on the Xbox one, in exactly the same way retail releases are, they are placed on the store, although there is a "[email protected]" section where all self published games are listed separately, but other than that, there is no segregation between ID and retail releases, and the should be marketed as if they were a retail release.

Volkama1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Yes I have an Xbox One see how they display on there. I have seen them appear as top sellers, as new releases, as games my friends play, as recommendations based on whatever MS base those on.

Those are all examples of the platform holder supporting discovery of the games though. It isn't the indie dev publicising and promoting the game. That's exactly what I'm getting at when I say the platform holder can provide an environment that gives them a chance.

Discoverability of games that get no marketing dollars is an interesting aspect of self-publishing. I know how MS approach it, but I don't know Sony's PS4 store front looks.

danowat1566d ago

Discover-ability and positioning on the store is a form of marketing,the environment is decent, but anything outside of that is the realm of the developer and publisher, there really should be a bit of "buzz" about a product before it gets released onto the storefront anyway.

It boggles my mind when [email protected] titles just appear on the storefront without any media promotion, it's almost like the developers don't care, don't understand, or aren't in a position financially to properly promote their products, in either case, self publication is a double edged sword, and lack of promotion is only the pub/devs fault.

As for the PS4, I would have assumed it was similarly setup to the way the Xbox one is.

Volkama1566d ago

Self-publishing does have downsides of course, otherwise we'd be seeing the decline of publishers :) I'm not arguing against what you say of self-publishing and marketing.

But the platform holder's handling of self-published games is hugely significant too. "Appearing on the store" is pretty good in terms of visibility. How many games did you notice launch when they were tucked away in the 360 indie corner?

Conversely, nobody wants to log onto their console to check out the latest games, and see nothing but self-published trash. So the double-edged sword you speak of also has some extra sharp edges pointing at Microsoft/Sony and us consumers as well. More of a ball of spikes than a sword.

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Zichu1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I have actually never heard of this game and it's quite sad to hear about a title not making it to another platform just due to the lack of advertising.

I wish Sony and MS would at least give these games some sort of publicity. Hell, they could create sections on there stores or on the front pages to show what is coming out in the following month, show some gameplay footage of the game, etc. They could have an indie Spotlight each week to show off a new upcoming indie title or a title that has just come out.

EDIT: Why did I get a disagree for saying it's sad that a game isn't going to make it to another platform O.o

Or was it the fact that you don't want Sony and MS to advert indie titles on their consoles?

PaulFiend1566d ago

Never even heard of it...

MK24ever1566d ago

I didn't even knew it came out already for PS4 and I regularly check the Store.
I might very well buy it today.

GodGinrai1566d ago

could be due to the game not being particularly good. This website, themselves, gave it a 6/10 and cited "broken" game mechanics, as one of its flaws.


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