Paris Hilton Parody Curbs WoW Gold Inflation

Wired writes: Beginning with patch 2.4.3, Pilton will offer players a line of high-end bags and jewelry designed to free them of their excess cash. The "Gigantique" bag for instance, is larger than any other general-purpose bag in the game currently, but will lighten your wallet by 1,200 gold.

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dxmnecro3773d ago

You have got to be kidding me....dear sweet baby jebus

TheWickedOne3772d ago

She really does get around.

tatotiburon3772d ago

N4G is hot, my xbox 360 is hot, my wii is hot, my ps3 is hot, MGS4 is hot

wingway3772d ago

wow, i can't believe this. this whore is everywhere

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