RPG Reload File 008 - 'Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch'

TouchArcade: Hello, gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where we keep marching on, all through the night, exploring RPGs from the App Store's past. It's a little bit of revisiting, a little bit of recollecting, and a whole lot of rambling. I try to cover a broad range of RPGs, but just to make things interesting, once per month, you, the reader, get to make a leap into the decision-maker role to set right what once went wrong. In fact, this week's feature was selected by the readers. If you want to cast your vote for the next reader's choice, which will be in RPG Reload 013, please take to the comments section below or pop into the Official RPG Reload Club thread in our forum. You can also leave your thoughts on the games I play or anything RPG-related you'd like to discuss. Let's enjoy a conversation together, joined by our mutual love of beating imaginary monsters with heaving swords made of math.

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