Monolith used Kinect resources to improve Xbox One Shadow of Mordor frame rate

Monolith used the additional resources freed up by Kinect to help improve the frame rate of the Xbox One version of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the developer has revealed.

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lelo2play3169d ago

Microsoft royally screwed up. They really should have made a more powerful console.

Stsonic3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

What is with the confusion? the game came out 3 days a go. Do your job's as journalists and see for yourself how the game runs. Then report back to me as I am quite interested lol.

Angels37853169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

The ps4 version still runs at double the frame rate...if you disagree with that you're a blind idiot. it can be googled in about 2 seconds.

"If there’s one thing proven it’s that the game looks fantastic on PS4. Running at 1080p at an unlocked 60fps, the entire experience is smooth as butter and looks exactly like what a current-gen game should look like at this point."

1080p 30fps (xbox one) vs 1080p 60fps (PS4)

the disparity use to be 1080p 60 fps on PS4 and 720p 30 fps on xbox one.

That has obviously changed due to xbox one's recent optimization.

tuglu_pati3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

So the games runs at 1080p on XBO? Well... Well, I guess a lot of people jumped into conclusions way ahead of time.


More like 1080p 30 fps locked vs 1080p 30+ FPS

PS4 probably range from 40-60fps

donthate3169d ago

1080p locked 30fps.

Nice to see games being properly optimized!

u got owned3169d ago


"The ps4 version still runs at double the frame rate...if you disagree with that you're a blind idiot. it can be googled in about 2 seconds. "

60FPS locked would double the frame rate. So I guess the only idiot here is the one calling people names.

stiggs3169d ago


Unlocked 60fps is NOT double the frame rate of locked 30fps.

You have to laugh at people who call others "idiots" and then post completely inaccurate information.

nicksetzer13169d ago

@angel An unlocked framerate that usually stays around 40fps is double? Nice to know. Guess I am an idiot then, as I disagree with your statement.

darthv723169d ago

when i saw the PC vs XB vs PS4 pics in another thread, i really couldnt tell a difference other than the placement of the character in the pic.

i honestly thought they were all taken from the same source. now i know my eyes arent as good as they used to be but i have to give the devs credit for making such a visually appealing game.

And the gameplay is the kind i like. im a fan of the Arkham games and assassin creed ones so this looks to be my style. No matter what platform you get it for, it certainly looks to not disappoint.

mochachino3169d ago

I have the game on PS4, it's definitely not close to approaching 60 FPS. I'd guess in the low to high 30s range.

GameNameFame3169d ago

With frame rate difference you are still talking 40 50 percent power difference.

Gap ain't closing.

What happens if graphics pushes limit to ps4 has 1080p 30 fps? X1 will go 20 fps? Reduce res again? Reduce graphics setting?

stiggs3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


"With frame rate difference you are still talking 40 50 percent power difference."

The frame rate for the PS4 version is reported to fluctuate between 30-40fps. A 40-50% difference is a bit of a stretch.

CernaML3169d ago

Its locked at 30fps on the PS4 actually.

UnHoly_One3168d ago

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I would MUCH rather have a locked 30 fps than a fluctuating fps, even if that one "approaches 60" at times, like when you stare directly at a wall.

Infamous: SS had a framerate that jumped all over the place and it made the game look stuttery and inconsistent. They actually released a patch to give us the option to lock it at 30, which was a much needed improvement, albeit far too late for me as I'd already done everything in the game.

I know everyone is different, and I know 60 is better than 30, but an "unlocked 60" is not better than 30 TO ME.

Dacapn3168d ago

I have to agree with UnHoly_One on this at least when it comes to Second Son. I personally preferred locking the frame rate at 30 when the patch came out. The consistency made it look much better in my opinion, not that the unlocked framerate didn't look great already. I haven't played Shadow of Mordor so I can't comment on that. Doesn't matter though. It's not like I have an Xbox One to compare with nor do I have any reason to want one yet.

Eonjay3168d ago


Expect DF has concluded that it is not 1080p. Looks like the internet is internetting again...

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NeoGamer2323169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Honestly there is nothing wrong with the X1's power...

First, most console vendors start off by locking the power of the machine down at the start of the generation until they know how much will be required for the machine in the long term. Because if you leave memory and processing power open, you cannot take it back later in the generation.

Finally, there has been resolution and performance differences between consoles in every generation. In fact, there has been no generation to date where the most powerful console won, so in the long term, power is not the deciding factor for a console's longevity or quality in the minds of consumers.

joab7773169d ago

Yep. With the 10% it hit 900/30 fps. Damn. I wanna see what GTA 5 can do b/c Rockstar are masters of optimization.

Soc53169d ago

I know, and they are spending more money trying to fix their mistakes, than they would have spent by just increasing the xbox's budget from the get go. Damn Don Mattrick

TheXgamerLive3168d ago

Actually instead of believing the hype why don't you check out the comparison videos. The Xbox one version again looks slightly better. That's due to dx11.2, dx12 will make games even better.
Yes MS f'd up not going w/gddr5 but they have the DX and the cloud to make games better so its all good. No complaints, hahaha in fact the only people to bitch/complain is sony fans hahahahahahaha.

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AutoCad3169d ago

And it shows,the game is amazing on both the systems.

travisbitter3169d ago

Seriously the most underhyped game of the year... Any console/PC gamer can be really happy with this game. Have fun, cheers all!

FITgamer3169d ago

Wonder why they are being tight lipped if they achieved 1080p with patch?

Daz3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

NO one has posted an artical which is odd but quick to post 720p and so on ;/

Sonital3169d ago

Because the controversy got the hits and they're now going to move onto the next speculative title for more.

VP373169d ago

Nobody wants to talk about an Xbox game that runs at 1080p. At least people who don't own an Xbox One that is. If it's not resolution war worthy, then it's not worth talking about.

FITgamer3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Well to be fair there hasn't been confirmation from Monolith of this 1080p claim either. So those accusing others of jumping to conclusions about the 720p article without a source, might in fact be doing the same until confirmed.

DragonBits3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Because posting an article that x1 is 1080p won't start a flame bait war and won't get massive clicks.

I have an x1, it's not as powerful as the ps4, but damn it's a solid machine. Give credit where credit is due. I wish it wasn't flamed so hard because then I think more people would try it and see some of the things it does have to offer beyond always hitting 1080/60fps.

Hands free everything, instant player recognition and sign in, twitch, snap, and many more things make it fun for me.

torchic3169d ago

true! Xbox One games hitting 1080p is more of a story than Xbox One games not hitting 1080p.

devs should be commended for their valiant efforts!

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slate913169d ago

I applaud them for being tight lipped. Lord knows we don't need another developer fueling the flames of the good ol' resolution/fps wars.

Eonjay3169d ago

There is already a Gamespot article that was approved that has the info.

FITgamer3169d ago

I seen that article, but there is no source to where they got their info from, unless i overlooked it.

Eonjay3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )


yeah good point. I think we have to just wait for DF.

"However, there is still some confusion over the game's performance on both Xbox One and PS4, with rumours pointing toward the Xbox One version running at 900p/30fps. On PS4, the game runs at 1080p with an unlocked frame rate. contacted Warner Bros. for clarification on the game's performance earlier this week but has yet to receive a response."

I want to see more studios do like Konami and just put everything out in the open to stop speculation.

gangsta_red3169d ago

"I want to see more studios do like Konami and just put everything out in the open to stop speculation."

Why? So fanboys can rage when actually told which version has which resolution and framerate?

This is no doubt proof that different resolutions cannot be told apart even when compared to side by side. And even when many on this site claimed they could visibly see the difference if something was 900p or 1080p and running at 30 or 60 fps.

It is eerily quiet here and even funnier that this story hasn't seen half the action that other stories get where a developer actually says if their version is lower on the Xbox One.

Eonjay3169d ago


So we can at least have a fact base conversations. If you want to discuss performance that is fine. But it gets so convoluted when we keep getting conflicting stories. If you aren't interested in performance, avoid the article that discuss it.

The reason why other articles get more attention is for the same reason why DX12 articles get so much action: People want performance.

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matrixman923169d ago

I have seen other people assume they were so quiet on the xbox one version because they had the marketing deal and dlc deal with Sony. That could be a big possibility

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Ghost_Nappa3169d ago

Does it looke great on x1? Yes. Does it have framerate issues? No. Is it fun? Yes. Is it 1080p? Who cares?

Kennytaur3169d ago

It's rather hilarious that the game is out, but there's still no firm knowledge on resolution or framerates. I'm currently downloading Xbone version myself right now to find out. I have a PS4, but I can get it cheaper on Xbox.

YingYng3169d ago

Doesn't that mean that resolution and fps is irrelevant? If the game is good then it's good.

NeoGamer2323169d ago

I have played the game and it is awesome graphically and there are no frame rate issues on X1...

This was a lot to do about nothing...