Shadow of Mordor First Impressions from VotG

Vault of the Gameverse says, "While fighting regular groups of enemies, Captains can show up at any time which is super cool. I’ll be in the middle of this huge war, destroying twenty, fifty, seventy enemies and just when I’m enjoying being a complete badass, some Captain will come in and slap the crap out of me. Then, I’m facing a huge army of common enemies with an all new boss type. But that’s not all, often times in larger battles, more than one Captain will show up. It’s nuts."

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DragoonsScaleLegends1475d ago

I haven't played this yet but I hope all of these postive reviews are legit.

Germ_the_Nobody1474d ago

The longer I play it, the easier it gets. But it's still incredibly fun and it's still possible to die from my own mistakes or recklessness.

The gameplay is really good. =)

shammgod1475d ago

fun game. I love the unpredictable nature of the game. You can be fighting at any time and a captain will come out of nowhere.

I was also near an artifact in my last game and I turned a corner to be surprised by one of my nemesis.

Germ_the_Nobody1475d ago

Yeah it's really cool how there are main missions to kill Captains and Warchiefs but they'll still show up randomly in the open world as well. Awesome.

Deeloc1475d ago

I wasted my money on this game,the final boss battle is bulls*** all u do is press 4 buttons and that's the end of the game.this game is a rent and I wish sony could put PS4 on PlayStation Now because some of these games is a rent.

Deeloc1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

^^I wish sony could put some of these PS4 games on PlayStation Now because some of these games is a rent. ^^oh my bad 5 buttons for the boss fight

Germ_the_Nobody1472d ago

I understand the disappointment but with how powerful Talion is, I look at the last two bosses as an experience rather than an actual boss fight.