Shadow of Mordor First Impressions from VotG

Vault of the Gameverse says, "While fighting regular groups of enemies, Captains can show up at any time which is super cool. I’ll be in the middle of this huge war, destroying twenty, fifty, seventy enemies and just when I’m enjoying being a complete badass, some Captain will come in and slap the crap out of me. Then, I’m facing a huge army of common enemies with an all new boss type. But that’s not all, often times in larger battles, more than one Captain will show up. It’s nuts."

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DragoonsScaleLegends3287d ago

I haven't played this yet but I hope all of these postive reviews are legit.

Germaximus3286d ago

The longer I play it, the easier it gets. But it's still incredibly fun and it's still possible to die from my own mistakes or recklessness.

The gameplay is really good. =)

shammgod3287d ago

fun game. I love the unpredictable nature of the game. You can be fighting at any time and a captain will come out of nowhere.

I was also near an artifact in my last game and I turned a corner to be surprised by one of my nemesis.

Germaximus3287d ago

Yeah it's really cool how there are main missions to kill Captains and Warchiefs but they'll still show up randomly in the open world as well. Awesome.

Deeloc3287d ago

I wasted my money on this game,the final boss battle is bulls*** all u do is press 4 buttons and that's the end of the game.this game is a rent and I wish sony could put PS4 on PlayStation Now because some of these games is a rent.

Deeloc3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

^^I wish sony could put some of these PS4 games on PlayStation Now because some of these games is a rent. ^^oh my bad 5 buttons for the boss fight

Germaximus3284d ago

I understand the disappointment but with how powerful Talion is, I look at the last two bosses as an experience rather than an actual boss fight.


10 Open-World Games That Feel Empty After Just A Few Hours

Unfortunately, the open worlds in games like Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Halo Infinite, and the original Assassin's Creed do more harm than good.

MadLad92d ago

I legitimately loved Halo's switch to open world. They made traversal of the map entertaining, and everything involved just tied into the (what I consider) awesome gunplay.
The entire time I really felt the slow takeover of the map, and all the little steps forward felt satisfying.

I don't know what more people really want there, considering the setting and story. A handful of soldiers hunkered down on enemy territory; slowly trying to win the battle.

giovonni91d ago

I agree I liked the switch to the open world, it was large with beautiful land scapes. However, it did feel a bit empty, and wasn’t as action packed as I would have liked. A lot of the bases felt like fillers instead of something of wonder. Let’s see what 343 under new management does from here cause Halo needs some updating

archibold91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I'm surprised they scrapped the Slipspace engine. I thought the graphics looked great, the sandbox physics were as good as ever, and the AI worked well. Clearly a lot of work went into it and it appears to have been optimized for the new generation of GPUs. The only issue I had with it was the lack of environments, would have been cool to have different biomes on the ring to explore. A bit more variety in missions would have been nice, maybe some timed events where you have to manuever a banshee through forerunner architecture or some mongoose speedruns would have spiced things up.

CrimsonWing6991d ago

I think R* are the only ones who have made compelling open worlds. I can’t stomach most open world games and how boring they are with busy world. It’s like a flex to make this massive environment, but it’s extremely boring to traverse and play in. GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 blew me away with how incredible their worlds were. Elden Ring was the only other game to give me that sense of awe.

giovonni91d ago

GTA V and unfortunately, Saints Row the original have had some of the most aggressive open world features where the world doesn’t feel so bland. To me what makes GTA V so special is the way the characters react to the world around them vs how the world reacts to them. For example, in GTA when you switch to Franklin and he walked past an attractive female he responded “ damn you fine” or in Saints row you can run up in the pawn shop flash a gun and watch them respond by raising their hands in the air, or they press the silent alarm making you have to run away from the cops. Halo infinite doesn’t have those kind of moments that make you feel apart of the world it just feels like it’s there.

bloop90d ago

Trevor talking to random vegan npc: "You suck c*ck, but you don't eat meat.... It don't make sense to me "

Classic. Such a shame we won't get that humour again now that R* have gone all in on virtue.

Abear2191d ago

AC Odyssey with the next gen patch is pretty incredible, especially if you like a sea shantie. Lol.

Abear2191d ago

I’m back on an open world kick after Horizon. I don’t know what clicked in me but exploring the map and seeing the detail work has me loving open worlds again. Playing AC Odyssey on hard and really enjoying it and the map. Reinstalling RDR2 tonight because damn, that map is just incredible for sightseeing.

Sonic188191d ago

Halo Infinite felt off. It's like the developers didn't know what they really wanted to do

Demetrius91d ago

Depends on which open world titles u play, most of em are shitty AF, but I honestly admire open world genre, sometimes to just take a break from fighting and missions you explore n see details you haven't noticed before cause you were too busy body at first, then boom finding some dope equipment or things to sale

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10 Mediocre Bosses in Great Games

GF365: "Most games are not perfect and that may be because of a character or an enemy. Here are 10 mediocre bosses in great games."

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Chriswheeler22239d ago

The Pursuer from Dark Spuls 2 was great, I think the author just sucks at games.

philm87238d ago

The Godskin Duo is a great fight


Best Games Based on Movies

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HeliosHex267d ago

Best game based on two movies that were never made goes to robocop vs terminator.