Dear Gamers: Stop Giving in to Greedy Developers and Publishers

Dear Gamers:

Please, stop blindly handing your money over to greedy developers and publishers. I’m referring to the endless stream of DLC and season passes that consumers eat up. Now, not all of you indulge the game developers and publishers, and I thank those of you who don’t. I’m writing to those who eat up these shady business practices.

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FsterThnFTL1477d ago

Software sales have gone down so developers and publishers have to find alternate ways to cover the loss in revenue so they cut parts of the game to sell it as DLC. What they do not realize is the reason for the software sales going down is because they have stopped shipping complete games so gamers are hesitant in buying a game until either the game is cheaper or they are sure about the game being a complete & final version for e.g GOTY editions or Complete editions.

Nodoze1477d ago

It is a catch 22 and a self fulfilling prophecy. This trend will bring about the second crash of the gaming market.

thekhurg1477d ago

Why is Destiny the poster for this article. Nothing in Destiny was hidden or a shock to anyone that understood the game's formula and Bungie's vision.

Buying Destiny is not giving in to corporate greed. It's buying a great game with a long term plan for future content.

MysticStrummer1477d ago

"Nothing in Destiny was hidden or a shock to anyone that understood the game's formula and Bungie's vision."

Exactly. Looking at the complaints people have about the game, I feel like they just weren't paying attention.

MrSwankSinatra1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Until Destiny, I hadn't bought an Activision game since MW2. I'll admit I was fooled by Destiny. Though thanks to a great invention called the "Receipt" I got all my money back, but I'm sure Activision still profited off me in some type of way.

In the case of EA, It one of those situations where great IP's are in the hands of a crappy company. Even the studios are victims, If you look at all the studios EA acquired, before the acquisition they were great, after the acquisition they became a victim of the corporate machine. It's really sad......

oODEADPOOLOo1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Exact way I felt when EA cancelled last command and conquer game they were working on. They even messed up the conclusion to tiberium wars saga with C&C 4, where they got rid of fundamental game mechanic of resource collection and base building for this new hybrid strategy...basically flipping the games core on its head.

Godmars2901477d ago

Here's something everyone should probably watch. Thirty minutes long though:

SliceOfTruth8881477d ago

Dear terrible gaming site looking for suck

Johnsonparts231477d ago

I love Destiny and I'll gladly spend more money on quality content as long as they keep releasing it. Does that make you mad? lol

BluFish1477d ago

Mad? No. Sad? A little. Consumers like you are the reason companies perpetuate this bullshit.

kaozgamer1477d ago

Whats wrong with buying dlc for a game you like?

OmegaShen1477d ago

Not developers fault you lack the brain to understand that Destiny is a mmo. Which means, NO DUH THERES GOING TO DLC.

You have to be pretty dumb to not see it coming, after hearing 10 year support. What did you think that would mean? That they will only support keeping it online for 10 years with no dlc or anything new?

BluFish1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

@OmegaShen - You seem to be confused. I'm not speaking about DLC in general, I think it's great, I'm speaking about companies releasing bare bones games then selling you things that should have been in the game as DLC.

Destiny's story is atrocious garbage, if you can even call it a story. Whether you believe the reddit AMA or not, either Destiny was meant to come out with this level of content (read: lack thereof) or they took pieces out when the writer left and plan to sell us those missions once they can make them fit the rewritten story.

Either way, they're bending you over.

BlackTar1871477d ago

Last gen and early this GEN people would say how little story meant. I know not everyone and def. not me but still i heard it a lot. It's all about MP 1st and story far behind it. Now it's the straw that breaks the back all you hear about is story for Destiny. People are nuts

TM3331477d ago

Just give it up. People will buy what they want and you can't stop them. It's pretty obvious you have issues with Destiny. Just move on if you don't wanna play it.

Johnsonparts231473d ago

nah it's been like this for a long long time. Even games that aren't online or MP focused games have DLC now. Look at Shadow of Mordor! Can't even fight Sauron without buying DLC. Just know that it's here to stay and only buy it for the games you really like. Don't be so butthurt.

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mydyingparadiselost1477d ago

Doesn't it make you mad the quality content wasn't there in the first place?

CorndogBurglar1477d ago

And what quality content was missing?

Don't say story, because we all know that sucked.

But exactly what quality content do you feel like you are missing that they haven't been releasing for free every week since launch?

Johnsonparts231473d ago

lol Destiny has more quality content than 95% of games released in the past year. I'd say only GTA V has more.

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