What The PC Gaming Alliance Can Do For You

People are sick and tired of buying PC games. Why? Because when they show up at a consumer retail store and purchase a game, there's no guarantee that their machine will be able to run it.

It sounds like a problem that only affects parents who buy games for their children, or "lite" computer users. But even hardcore gamers don't always know offhand which version of which graphics card is in their PC.

"They get fed up and don't buy PC games any more," said Rick Carini, CTO of gaming technologies at Dell, at his recent session at Southern Methodist University's Game Education Summit.

Carini is the chair of the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), a newly established organization that believes in not only promoting PC games, but eliminating all the headaches that come with them.

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Charmers3776d ago

Wow is this two bit organization still going ? I mean just look at the membership, they have MS and Epic both companies are doing their best to grind the PC into the ground, in fact Epic never miss an opportunity to moan about the PC being inferior to consoles.

If you do not know what hardware you have in your PC I fail to see how you can call yourself a "hardcore gamer". I do agree that there should be some sort of standardized scale so that people can see if a game will work on their machine. Perhaps the PCGA might like to get off their ass and start working on one, instead of constantly getting the media to print stories basically saying "yeah we know this is wrong and we will do something, one day".