Press Start #6: A Thief’s Mad Controversy

"This week, I wanted to talk about #GamerGate and the whole Zoe Quinn controversy. But as I researched more and more into the controversy, it hit me: I don’t want to write about this. Fuck that. The entire situation is beyond words, and honestly, too confusing to warrant me going in-depth on the topic, as I know I’m bound to get a tonne of information wrong. On the topic of the Zoe Quinn controversy, I believe that there are two sides. She lied about a lot of things and even admitted to raping some dude but then pulled the “wah me” card which is unbelievable, but she has recieved her fair share of harassment, and the fact that she’s been belittled so much that she can’t leave her house without fearing her safety is also unbelievable. To say she did nothing wrong to warrant her backlash is ridiculous and screams ‘double standard’, but everything has been blown way out of hand, and the controversy that it launched is… Again, it’s ridiculous and it’s unbelievable."

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