Watch the brand new DRIVECLUB TV spot now

The new Driveclub commercial features a variety of people who swear to always bring glory and honor to their "club".

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Future_20151502d ago

Put some japanese cars and some proper tracks in there and we will talk a sale

C-H-E-F1502d ago

I don't think I saw a skyline in the whole track list come to think of it... WTF??

GTgamer1502d ago

Proper tracks? what the hell wrong with DC track some of best Tracks I've seen in any racer (•ิ_•ิ) matter of fact it doesn't even matter DC could have both the things you just asked for and you still will find something else to say I guess you didn't get that one bubble for nothing.

GameDev11501d ago

Japanese cars, confirmed later update

Proper tracks - Twitter Game director Paul Rushy for your choices as they have started looking at feedback, because i really don't know what proper tracks mean in your sense

d4v03331501d ago

"Proper tracks"? Seriously wtf does that even mean? Can you please explain what a proper track is if the Driveclub does not have one?

Harkins17211501d ago

Hmm a Euro dev putting in Euro cars.....seems stupid right?


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Forn1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I hereby take the oath... Onward!

travisbitter1501d ago

This reminds me to feelings during play sessions of MotorStorm. When I win races on buggys, dirt-bikes among monster trucks! I almost screamed with my buddies when we passed the finish line. DC will thrill us never the less!

TheFutureIsBlue1501d ago

Sony is doing a great job this gen with promoting their games and advertising the PS4. Just a few more days and we get to play =D

travisbitter1501d ago

Their new adds are absolutely fantastic.

One of my favourite:

TheFutureIsBlue1501d ago

Yeah that's a great one. I bet they will have a good one for christmas to promote sales.

IWentBrokeForGaming1501d ago

I feel they need to do more gameplay & let people know it's actual gameplay... Show people why this should make you choose a PS4