David: Rise of a King is in Testing For The PS Vita, as well as PS4 and PS3.

A Bible based episodic game could be making its way to the PS Vita, PS4, and PS3 very soon.

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WeAreLegion1476d ago

I'm going to remain skeptical.

CertifiedGamer1476d ago

This seems like something uneducated gamers would play and believe this fiction as true historical facts.

Drithe1476d ago

The bible has some of the greatest stories ever told. Of course only a jaded fool would actually whine about a bible story being a video game.

prodg521475d ago

Whether you believe it or not, this is a really good story in the bible. You should check it out.

Kingdomcome2471476d ago

There are many secular historical documents as well as archeological finds that corroborate David being real, and being the first king of Israel. God's word doesn't need defending though, it speaks for itself.

CertifiedGamer1476d ago

David was real, so was muhammad, jesus, and a bunch of people in the bible apparently existed but just because New York exist doesn't mean spider-man exist, and because the North Pole exist doesn't mean Santa Claus actually live there. Now tell me how all the miracles that were created in these fictional books agree with scientific reasoning. God's word isn't a book buddy that was written by a person. Do we need a book to observe Physical law, no we don't so why do we need a book to explain what God is??? It need to explain it because it isn't Gods word as the God from the bible in doesn't exist.

TongkatAli1476d ago

I respect your opinion, but I don't think science can prove everything. I believe in life after death and Jesus.

CyberCam1475d ago

It funny how people think that just because their physical flesh & bone is gone, they believe that their conscience memories and feelings will die along with their bodies.

After our conscience selves are unplugged from our biological selves, things get real and will learn the truth!

marloc_x1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

On the fence myself, Ha!

Even though I understand the Bible to be the word of men to be interpreted by the reader, I do appreciate that energy cannot be destroyed..

Now, if God is really in the developer's hearts, they should want us to experience this on Wii U ;)

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