Gamervision reviews Metal Gear Solid 4

Gamervision reports:

''I feel like I need to preface this review with an explanation of my utter hatred for the previous Metal Gear Solid games. Back when it was first released, I picked up Metal Gear Solid: the Twin Snakes for the Gamecube. As someone who has never played the series, I anxiously awaited a remake of the original PlayStation version so that I could finally understand why everyone loved the games so much. I am not a gamer who has some sort of fear of long cut scenes, and convoluted storylines never bothered me too much, so many of the complaints from Metal Gear Solid haters went past me. After about an hour of playing the previous game, however, I became frustrated with the horrible controls, wonky camera angles and unrealistic and boring stealth mechanics and stopped playing. These events were repeated when I picked up Metal Gear Solid 2 and eventually Metal Gear Solid 3, each time hoping that my original problems with the series would be resolved and I would be able to enjoy the games as most others did. Early trailers for Metal Gear Solid 4 did very little to alleviate my fears for the game, but I still kept a sliver of hope that they would have fixed what ten years and three games worth of damage had done.''

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TheExecutive3771d ago

I agree the fixed camera was a huge hinderance to the series and the controls were a little confounded.

All have been fixed.

sonarus3771d ago

I really didn't have complaints about controls but after playing splinter cell, it became hard to play the game with no camera control. MGS 3 subsistence fixed that big time

Wildarmsjecht3771d ago

Sucks that he started off with the Twin Snakes game..but he did find some of the love fans of the game thoroughly enjoy.

yanikins1113771d ago

Personally i found that the fixed camera angles and the old radar system did allow for better avoidance of enemies as the set up always showed what your enemies were doing, either visually or on radar. The user controlled camera and the lack of a "where are they looking" function on the solid eye, whilst generally better for gameplay and realism, did make it hard sometimes to navigate levels without being seen.

PimpHandHappy3771d ago

they dont use a vision cone anymore! That made it 2easy to avoid being seen!

this game is great

meepmoopmeep3771d ago

good review, right from the start

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