Longings of a Kirschwasser: Why Xenosaga Deserves a Second Chance

Andrea from Save/Continue says,

"It’s sad we will never know what else became the heroes in Xenosaga’s universe outside of episode three’s ending. Asking for a fourth episode seems like an unrealistic request, but an HD remake is well within Bandai Namco’s capabilities. An impressive story that spans three games long, unedited and upscaled to be enjoyed on the consoles of this generation. It would be a fitting tribute to a game no one could ever truly forget."

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Sidology1478d ago

All I'll say is that Xenosaga definitely needs to come back to the public eye. Though flawed, they had enough goodness about them to merit a revival.

rainslacker1478d ago

I wouldn't mind if they just finished it. They kind of hashed a lot of the story together since they cut back the number of releases, but left a big part of it undone at the end of the third one.

AronDeppert1478d ago

I've never played this but it looks interesting.

Spotie1478d ago

That doesn't exactly make sense. If it looks interesting, why would you never play it?

As for me, I would LOVE an HD collection, or- especially or- episodes 4-6.

Zotaku871477d ago

He didn't say he WOULDN'T play it. He said he's never played it before. Like, he didn't know it was a thing. Now he's interested.

Scatpants1478d ago

If they made a Xenosaga collection on Vita I would buy it.

patterson1478d ago

One of the most underrated RPG series ever. Great characters, story, soundtrack and the graphics were top notch for it's time. A remake would be most welcome.

addictedtochaos1478d ago

This and a .hack HD remake/remaster.

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