Dinosaur Games Need To Return

Brett writes - "The 90s and early 2000s were once full of a genre almost non existent today: dinosaur games. Since then we’ve run across beaches and landscapes of World War II, shot a bunch of aliens in space, blown away more zombies than people on this planet, and are still fighting on what seems to be a never-ending carousel of modern warfare."

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tinynuggins1476d ago

Yeah they do! Who currently own's the Turok IP? A hard reboot of that would be fun if done right. Is Dino Crisis still coming out next year or did that get canned?

Metallox1476d ago

Who owns Turok you say? Disney, so don't expect nothing of that.

CloudRap1475d ago

Yeah and lets not forget about the new GG game, Horizon which has robot dinosaurs at the very least.

AnotherProGamer1476d ago

The simple reason why zombies are popular and dinosaurs aren't is because zombies are easier to model, animate, and code

Also Primal Carnage Genesis looks like a promising dinosaur game

ChristopherJack1476d ago

Dino Crisis reboot.
Here me Capcom?

LightDiego1475d ago

Horizon is coming for PS4!

Dontworrybhappy1475d ago

YES! I bought a PS4 for Primal Carnage Genesis and TLOU. I played TLOU and Primal Carnage got "buried for now". -_- I sold my PS4. I'm just gonna get a PC damn it, should a done that from the get go.

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The story is too old to be commented.